Celebrating My Birthday Mate

This birthday, I take time off myself and I celebrate the life of my birthday mate. It’s always been about me for the past 27 years anyway. So I can spare a year, this year. It’s been a pleasure knowing him for the last 3 years, celebrating 2 birthdays together and feeling like I have known him for a lifetime. I’ll mention some of the great things about him that make my heart skip a beat. I could mention all, but I would flood the post, and others are better left unsaid, if you know what I mean.

Birthday, Aquarius,

He’s or his (depending on how the sentence continues),

  1. My birthday mate. It was an absolute surprise when I found out he’s my birthday mate. I even thought he was just copying my date of birth so that he can impress me. I still had some doubt in my subconscious until the day I saw his I.D and then his birth certificate. Funny, he never offered them to me for verification or never felt the need to show some proof. I just happened to land on them – the I.D because he was just from doing a transaction, the birth certificate, because I’m the organized one – when it comes to documents. Birthdays are never lonely anymore.
  2. My friend. That we can simply just hang out, do things together and we don’t tire – even when it’s day in, day out. From watching movies, cooking, praying, playing games, traveling, meet up’s with friends, hanging out with family. It’s truly a blessing we’re in sync.
  3. Exudes Passion. From his work and how he deals with projects. When he passionate about something he goes for it and ensures it happens. Like when I say we need to do this, he reminds me, “We said we’re going to do this, how come we haven’t done it yet?”
  4. Crooked smile. Don’t believe me? The picture. It’s a cute one, I think it makes a good cuteness indicator.
  5. A visionary.  He’s able to see things beyond what they really are, whether projects, people, situations. And he invests in them wholeheartedly. He doesn’t fear commitment and trying things out.
  6. Quite the gentleman. He might not open doors, or hold hands down the street – but he always looks out of me. I love it that once in a while he lets me sleep in and he does the cooking, the serving, the dishes. He keeps up with my soapy movies – but I return the favor.
  7. A Great cook. I foresee a huge kitchen in our house with all his cooking stuff. He glows when he cooks an “out of this world” meal. It’s what makes him happy. And it would be awesome if that kind of environment came to be, to give him space to do his magic.
  8. A great partner and team mate. I like that we’re a team, that we do things together, so that none of us feels burdened. Sharing, being there for each other, dividing roles and responsibilities. It’s fun that way.
  9. Great Fashion sense. He’s not the kind of guy who will just walk out of the house just like that, he knows how to clean up and look dapper.
  10. A believer with a big heart. We’re grounded by God, then the rest comes along. We share similar beliefs and principles.
  11. Wise. A man needs wisdom, to know how to handle things, when to step in and when to retreat. We have our moments, but he knows how to handle them so that it doesn’t span out of control. In a relationship it takes two to always work things out. And he understands that fact.
  12. My back up. I know when he’s around, I’m good.
  13. My no.1 fan. He supports me in my creative endeavors and gives feedback. That’s quite encouraging.
  14. Has respect for my family and his. My parents think of him as the son they never had, that’s a plus.
  15. Easy going. He adapts to people and places quite easily, and we’re able to have a great time wherever we are and with whoever we’re with.
  16. Real. He can barely hide his reactions – when he’s pissed, happy, sad, worried. So I can know when I’ve screwed up or he’s not having a good time or he’s having the time of his life. It makes it easier to know what to do next.
  17. A better communicator than I am. Haha he reminds me a lot.
  18. Forever young! Even as the years keep increasing, your heart stays young and full of life.

Because of you, today will be an amazing day. I go all out and celebrate you. May God bless you, keep you, may you continue being the great man that you are and may you be blessed far and beyond.

Happy Birthday to my other Birthday Mates, Wangare Kamau Mwandishi and Paul Okwalinga. God bless you with lots of love, laughter, good health and success this year. Let’s continue living it up like we do!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*