201,082 Thanks

Since I want my ego pampered sometimes, okay. who am I kidding, like all the time. I know am not the best bloggist,  for lack of a better word, just avoiding writer … and shamelessly promoting myself from blogger to bloggist. You’ve got to do this things for yourself you know, I mean, who will? And the question I love to ask *rhetorical though* is what brings you back to read what I publish? Those 201,082 site visits, it could be one person always coming back, I just wonder what brings you back? And for that reason, that one person or 1,000 people who come to check what I’ve shared…a HUGE thanks, from the bottom of my heart 🙂

If I didn’t have anything to say thank you for today, at least I have 201,082 thanks to say. However, am very fortunate to have the 201, 082 as an addition to the many other blessings in my life. So basically, all my thanks goes to God for making everything possible, for without him, none of these would make sense. At least he makes them <the people in my life, the achievements, the failures, the events, the outcomes and all the good and bad that comes with all these > all make so much sense.

To more publishing, to sharing of thoughts and opinions… to more sunshine in your lives through me *wink*. I think am one of the few girls who has problems with remembering very important dates, yes! So I put on reminders if it’s a slaughter me situation or keep getting mild heart attacks of whether the day has passed. But for mum, dad and sister, their birthdays and their wedding anniversary (strange enough) are super glued to my mind. Thank God by sheer coincidence Mr.Man’s birthday is on the same day as mine.

So I take advantage of such moments to celebrate since I probably missed my blogversary or not. Too lazy to go and confirm.


It’s Thursday, that day if you have forgotten to be thankful and truthful throughout the week, it gives you a chance. Enjoy the evening lovelies!

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*