My “3 in 1” Pet Peeves

Pet Peevees
The Pet everyone has, meet Peeves.

There are those things about people that totally annoy you or get your “not so good side” shaken up. Like you just want to rip their faces off (that’s horrific though, but you get my point of irritation). Your pet peeves. They drive you up the wall and make you think of ways you can make their life’s just as miserable because they’ve crossed that line. Yes, we all have that imaginary line drawn on so many things, on different levels though. Because you’d find something that gets to this persons nerves that don’t necessarily get to another. Or one person is extremely sensitive, another just doesn’t give a damn, another comes on guns blazing.

Mine, happens to be – LIARS, THIEVES and people who DISRESPECT other people’s hustle. My 3 in 1 pet peeves. Well, the most likely people to have all at once happen to be con men. It really ticks me off, because I have encountered them both directly and indirectly. These people make me sin because of all the bad things I wish upon them or if I had the ability, I would do to them. The pathological liars, the pick pockets/petty thieves/big thieves (are they graded or something?), the launderers, the hoarders – I don’t get how they do this with a straight face, no flinches. I don’t even understand how they sleep at night knowing that someone they accosted is suffering grief and loss whether in a big or small way.

But then again, is that really worth it? That’s two wrongs, which don’t make a right. Not that it would benefit me in any way.  So I really thought of how else to handle that “anti-con men” feeling. Maybe it’s just about time I drew down what who I’d categorize a con man as. Because most of us have the idea of a con man being someone who fleeces or swindles some money out of you in an intelligent way (that’s one of them though, because they do).

It’s not necessarily the person who fleeces you, it could be the person who doesn’t pay you your dues when they told you they will. For businesses, that’s a trip. Because maybe that payment is the capital for the next project. It could the person who sells you an “out of this world” idea, promises heaven but eventually delivers hell. It could be the person who leeches on you, benefits so much from you but gives absolutely nothing back. What to do? I also asked myself.

I think ignorance and trust makes us get conned. Not knowing your facts and as a result, not exercising them. You get fleeced in contracts, in flowery words, in “castle in the air” ideas that look doable but unbelievable. Cons are intelligent people, so are thieves. Your psychology is on their fingertips the moment you they pass by you, it rubs off on them and they will wow you. So besides knowing your facts, don’t trust what anyone tells you.

Be smart. Be smarter than the cons. Just don’t trust anyone, let someone proof to you why you should trust them. Trust is not short-term, its long-term. Take your time to make decisions. Especially decisions that affect you financially and emotionally.

I told myself the next time I get conned, it’s because I let it happen. You should too. Nothing sucks like a loved one getting conned – financially, mentally, emotionally, name it. It actually hurts more than it hurts if it was done to you. Let’s play with their psychologies too.

What are your pet peeves?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*