Classy, Sexy, Hot and Cool

My take on what classy, sexy, hot and cool are. This is very objective and they’re more of my own words and thoughts. Well to aid in my explanations, i opted to use Celebrity models i.e. actors and singers to further elaborate or so that you can see the picture instead of trying to imagine…hehe

So here goes;

Classy looks exquisite, elegant, unique, kind of expensive,enterprising. One doesn’t have to be really hot or sexy to look classy. For classy, its more of how you dress. The fabric, the quality… now thats classy. And it looks attractive in a hidden way.

Classy Look

Sandra Bullock, i think had the classy look in “The Proposal” movie.I totally loved the simple official look. The Black well-cut suit accessorised with the small black belt. Then black matching shoes that have a touch of red. The brown bag gives a bit of contrast.

Now this to me is classy.

Kate WinsletClassy

Kate Winslet, also has the classy look with the dresses. Very Simple black and blue dress without much accessories. The word “Elegance” is just screaming.

Sexy is just like the word itself, it is sexually appealing look, it’s the one of those, stop and stare/glance. It mainly has to do with the body poise, body figure and some sort of facial expression…The sexy look makes someone look Yummy.

Angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie is my no.1 definition of Sexy…the eyes, the lips, the facial expression …. The picture here speaks 1000 words..YUMMY!

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé on the other hand has got the body…nice figure well sculptured. It speaks volumes..hehe, totally appealing to the men especially, as well as women. Her poises to sort of bring out her sexyness.

Hot is I think more natural beauty, like one is pretty(it’s just there) even without all the make up, smooth skin, nice body… one could be fat/ thin and still be hot. They are noticeable from afar.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson depicts hotness. She’s plus size and she’s naturally beautiful. She makes big look pretty, hot and totally cool at that.

Taylor Swift

That’s Taylor Swift for you, absolutely gorgeous, natural beauty right there. In every sense of it.

Cool is the simple trendy look, it has to mainly do with how you dress or carry yourself out. No much drama, just calm and collected. Sort of the chilled out look and one would say you haven’t tried too much.

I could say this look is normally unobtrusive…its not like the sexy look which is highly noticeable.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, has that cool look. Its simple but looks trendy.As you can see she probably dint try too much to look nice but she does, now thats cool to me.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry here carries out the total and complete cool look, very simple, doesn’t scream out “look at me”..its more inconspicuous, but when you see, you totally like and want to be associated with.

So that’s “My Take” for today.

To conclude, I think anyone can be classy and cool because it’s mainly in how you dress, and how you carry yourself out. For instance, You dress in a classy or cool way… then you have to sit, walk and talk classy or cool. Otherwise, that look doesn’t work.

As for hot and sexy, actually the two sometimes do go hand in hand. I think its more of how you look, that is, in terms of your appearance, bodily structure, hair. Then topped up by how you dress the body…It’s just God-given 🙂

Signing off ::: *Kawi*