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Thank God its Friday!!


I am excited about

The fact that its December and we are closing work today until the 4th of January. It can’t get any better than that.

Today am feeling

It’s an indescribable feeling…but its tending towards happiness and excitement. Sort of special 🙂 and loved.

My funky Friday Theme Song

Beautiful Soul – Jesse McCartney

Sneak Preview of the lyrics!!

I don’t want another pretty face
I don’t want just anyone to hold
I don’t want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
You’re the one I wanna chase
You’re the one I wanna hold
I wont let another minute go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul

I know that you are something special
To you I’d be always faithful
I want to be what you always needed
Then I hope you’ll see the heart in me

Those are killer lyrics… Now thats plain right ‘BEAUTIFUL’

This Weekend

Am planning to party and chill … Saturday I am attending a friend’s wedding then let out after that. Sunday I want to go to church then chill with my significant other…lol

I am really craving

A funky house party … adrenaline rush! With lots and lots of assorted foods and drinks :p Probably themed … 🙂

Yummy Yummy Yummy :p The thought of it makes me gag, ogle and drool. I want…

I wish

That December could stagnate, be extended or something…. ooops! now that my boyfriend has to go back to work in January in a different country 🙁 … or that I could be teleported there too and be next to him … am that ambitious … lol 🙂

I hope

This christmas season will be the best ever.

Today’s Inspirational quote is

“True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until be lost” — Charles Caleb Colton

This was pretty interesting, I think you should try it out.

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Signing off — *Kawi*