8 Facts About Me.

Oh well, today I woke up and decided since the sun has been shinning, I shall wear a skirt…Gosh aren’t my legs freezing. This sun is playing hide and seek because the day I decide to wear heavy stuff is when it gladly shines and emits some skin burning heat. Damn you sun!

So anyway, it’s about time I got with the program. Was doing my usual visiting of my sizz’s blog Joliea *okay that sound’s so nun’ish* lol but yeah, she’s like my sizz because we share many alike views and she’s my guaranteed reader…haha #ifyouknowwhatimean

Here goes:

All I need is ONE WORD and an IMAGE to come up with a blog post. Yeah I’m just weird like that, I can be so clueless on what to write and I just get one word and build on it.


I love FOOD like real food… Well prepared Chicken is my weakness. I can eat it with anything fries, Rice, Ugali. I love greens as well. The only junk I love is KIT KAT‘s.

I speak in PARABLES, I have to use to use objects to explain my thoughts, if you read my posts you will understand, I use primary, secondary and tertiary colors to come up with black and white #IfYouKnowWhatIMean … In short, I beat around the bush.


I never take time to think of what I’m going to WEAR because chances are that I won’t wear that. I just finish showering and stare at my closet and pick clothes and try to see if it looks good. Then I have to ask my Mum or Sister or sometimes even my Dad how I look…it’s called affirming, can’t stand looking like a clown.

I love SHOES but I can never make myself suffer by wearing stiletto’s or 6-inch heels and struggle walking around town with them to please men. I’ll wear them when I start driving and all I have to do is walk from parking to venue and from venue to parking. Otherwise I shall remain stylish with my flat shoes and sometimes my jelly flats — {Just Understand unless you are buying me a car, or chauffering me around}


I have only ONE SISTER who I think is the coolest ever, I thank God for her every other time and love her to bits. I look at her and see the reflection of the younger me that I was, just waaaay cooler and knows too much for her age.

I LOVE, LAUGH and LIVE – I Love my family and friends (I’m very bad at keeping in touch, but when I meet them I do let them know I love them, miss them and I’m happy they are part of my life) … I Laugh with them, since I’ll look insane laughing with myself (although sometimes  I do when I’m making funny faces on the mirror and pretending to have conversations with my alter ego…haha) … and I Live my life to the fullest (make wrong and right decisions, take risks, tackle issues, enjoy happy and fun moments).

I’m a TYPICAL GIRL with my sometimes moments … refer to this post *SOMETIMES* you’ll get what I’m mean.


Haha those are my 8 randomites about me…there’s much more just I ‘ve gotta stick to the chain. So let me get on to the tagging. Would like to hear from this bloggers:







If not tagged and you wanna do, I can add tags you know *wink*. Get with the program 🙂


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*