A Peace of Mind, Not a Piece of Your Mind

What are some of the internal battles you're dealing with?

Here’s the thing, we are all trying to be someone worth mentioning and to do something meaningful that will leave a permanent footprint in the lives of others. It could be altruistic or because you selfishly want to create that legacy. The only difference is that we are all doing it the best way we know how to. There are some ways we do it and it works, and there some other ways we do it and it doesn’t work. But we keep doing whatever we need to do anyway and we keep learning with every experience.  What to do and what not to do, where to go and where not to go, what to be and what not to be.

Also, here’s another thing, no one has the working formula of what you need to do to be successful, because success means something different to each one of us. It’s not like there’s an expected result and you’re doing things to find the value of x and y within the equation that will give you the exact answer – which is success. The expected result could be anything for all you know. It could be something that looks grand to you, but to another person it’s very inconsequential. And that’s why at the end of the day, in as much as you want to do things that will impress others or do things that are aligned to what success is to them as opposed to what success is to you, it will always be a constant internal battle. And you will only win it when you remain true to yourself.

Ever seen those people whose parents have forced them to pursue say a medicine or engineering degree, because they felt that that is what is marketable and with that title they will be someone notable. But deep inside all their child ever ever wanted to be a musician or an actor. And so they go for enrol for their medicine or engineering degree, push through the years and the lectures and burn the mid-night oil to ensure that they are the best. But once they graduate, they put that degree aside and go ahead and pursue that less-appreciated career that they really wanted to pursue in the first place. When asked, they’re most proud of this one that is least appreciated, but means the most to them.

Or at work, when someone tells you to be or to act a certain way so that you can achieve success or their version of success. And so you compromise your personality and you start embracing this new person that others want you to be. And as you create this new persona, you’re constantly having an internal battle, because you are not yourself and therefore, you are not happy. You always have to remind yourself to be loud, when you’re naturally a soft spoken person.  Or remind yourself to be extremely serious, when you’re naturally a bubbly person. Even if you achieve the said success, you will feel like a fraud, because the real you is hidden behind the persona you have created in the name of meeting a certain criteria someone had set for you.

So, Guard yourself and your mind. Be conscious of the environment you are in. Seek to know yourself so that you can have a piece of mind, instead of other people having a piece of your mind. Click To Tweet With the former you stand to gain, with the latter, you stand to lose. Always strive to choose what is best for you and your well-being.

Stay Inspired,