Guest Post: A Place to Belong.

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Feeling of displacement aside

Out of place, dis-appreciation all dim lights

I need something that’ll shine

A sign to show I’m welcome

Part n’ parcel of the gang

But everything is so distant

In one place I was guaranteed and belonged

Where the drums beat loudest

And my heart comes in whole

Where the smiles are abundant

And everything breathes hope

Recognition doesn’t matter

The only place my name n’ fame doesn’t count

Safe abode where my mind is in peace

And my body comes in handy

But …

I look forward, I see blank faces

Full with disappointment, disgust and pity

I wasn’t part of them, that, not a doubt

I wasn’t even like them, can’t be figured out

Where could I possibly fit

A place where I wouldn’t be a misfit

Somewhere I was calm

Not dense n’ damp

The sound of music, the feel of innocence

My daily constant dose of heroine

Every sniff sends me flying

Pass everything n’ I’ll do it good

As long as it’s a note with a tune

A lyric like do-re-mi-the chords

They look corny while they’re at it

But the way they’ll pull it off is just MAGIC

Head :  Side to Side , Waist : Likewise

Beauty in the making, utterly breathtaking

But all I wanna do is sing

Whether it’s Pink or Elvis Presley

The beats of the track slowly on crazing

When I say B.N.P

I don’t mean … Before Nubian Prince

I mean … Bra, Knickers n’ Pants! LOL

♥ Rockphile

 Yeah, that’s poetry by my baby sister. She’s a rock fanatic, as you can see it in her “name”. I discovered she does poetry because she would take my incomplete journals or get us to buy her journals every other month. Not that I’m snoopy *in my defence* … lol, but I happened to land on one or two of her poems and I thought WOW. So I asked her if I can do a guest poem on my blog. I love how she writes. Here’s another one she’s done here before (You Are Special).


“A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image.” ~ Joan Didion

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

  • Leslie Lekim

    wow. Nice one. Am nt certain as to whether or nt u bully ur siz into makin her let u post these poems bt incase u did, justified! But anyway, thats some talent right there.

    • Hahaha it was rather sweet talked. From buying her pie, to … you know how kid sisters can get. Yeah, I will pass the message 🙂

  • She’s good, hope you’re aiding her in that course. I like the message of the poem: It’s better to be in a place you belong, though cramped, than to be in a hacienda and be as uncomfortable coz you belong there not.

    • Thanks, will pass the message to her. And yeah, trying to nature it now that I know what she’s about. Thanks for passing by too 🙂

  • your baby sister is truly gifted …

    • Thanks Wa. Yeah, she so is 🙂

  • dennis

    hiding stuff in a relationship is the same as lying……not telling the truth about something which u knw will enslave you for eternity in that marriage makes you unfaithful….if u forget and leave with bad is that…

  • clara………

  • wow speechless how old is she again!??

    • Haha still under 18 until end of Feb 🙂 with an over protective sister. Thanks on her behalf.