A Snippet into my Leave Staycation

It’s my last day of leave and I am not ready. Thankfully, I have really savored every bit of it. I have always felt that leave is not complete when I don’t have any travel plans or arrangements, especially when taking block leave. It’s quite interesting how we condition our minds. I would rather wait out the whole year and take the leave when I know there’s a solid plan. However, this time round because circumstances couldn’t allow for us to go on vacation, and I still had to take my leave or forego it, I ended up spending it at home, mostly in the house.

This was a really good idea because it made me realize the kind of person I have become. When I used to live with my parents, which was years back, the most predominant problem my parents had with me was that I could not sit still. I was forever out of the house hanging out with my friends, doing rounds in the estate; you know how teenagers do it. It was fun and very fulfilling, up until when I had to face my parents in the evening. Every single day during holidays I had to deal with lectures on why I couldn’t stay indoors and perhaps read or help in the house, but the thought of being holed up in the house all day didn’t cut it then.

Fast forward to today, and I keep laughing at myself because it’s still more or less the same story but instead of being out all the time, I am in the house but still very antsy. So when I was commencing my leave, my plan was to laze around and do pretty much nothing. Some of the activities that featured in my itinerary included; sleep till late morning, binge watch movies and series, snack a lot, read lots of books, be active on my social media platforms and chill out.

Only to come and realize that’s not my modus operandi. I am quite antsy like I’d mentioned, or let’s look for another word, fidgety, or better yet restless. I am unable to do something for an elongated period of time especially if it doesn’t yield a visible result or outcome. The only thing I can sit and do for a long duration of time is this, writing and socializing. Even reading is sometimes struggle; I would get distracted very easily and find myself thinking of things undone. And that’s how a 1 week book would take me 3 weeks+ to finish reading.

So I found myself doing things that could give me a feeling of achievement or keep my mind really engaged. For instance, I took on minimal gardening for the small patch on our balcony. Kept the house clean, neatened it and put things in order, because it’s a continuous enhancement. Revised bits of the blog, because I believe that if it’s a part of who I am, then we need to grow together. There are days I met with friends for lunch or for activity based dates such as “cooking classes” or swimming. Other days I hosted friends and family over to hang out and chill. Oh here’s another thing,

I realized that time is precious and it moves so fast. Because no sooner had I thought that I have a lot of it to do as I please, here we are. Make the most of every second.


Now that it has come to an end, I really appreciate that break. I think I have outdone myself really, so much so that this staycation (maybe not in every sense of the word) has ended up feeling like I went for a real vacation. I might not feel ready to go back to work just yet, ha ha, but work has to be done. That’s the only way to put that bread on the table. Let me start by adjusting my mind accordingly.

*** Continue praying for our country (Kenya) and especially our leaders, that they may put the needs of its people (citizens) first before theirs. It pains that we have to beg and fight with our government for basic things like proper, reliable and well-equipped health care services. For now, all I can say is, God’s speed and look forward to elections.

Happy Hump Day!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*