Are You The Same Person You Were…?

Say five seconds ago? Okay, I am pushing it, let’s go with five years ago? That would be 2016. 

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to celebrate this come back with me. If ever I needed a push to keep at it, that was it! It’s working, and I’m feeling quite inspired.

Now, back to the topic! Do you ever take the time to look at the person you were vs the person you have become? It is sometimes quite an entertaining past-time activity, especially when you are with people who have known you for a long time and have seen you transition through the different phases in your life. 

Personally, if you knew me five years ago and we have not interacted with each other in the years in between, it’s safe to say that you barely know me. You know about me and who I was, but you most definitely do not know who I am and neither do I know who you are. Like there are things I used to think or believe in, if you fished them out and brought them to my attention today, I would-so-totally cringe. This scenario has played out before. 

So many times we’ve started conversations with friends about something we were once very adamant or confident about at one point, whether it’s in relationships, career or lifestyle. You know the touchy subjects that end with the statement, “okay, let’s agree to disagree” then some silence to let the nerves calm down. 

In retrospect, most of my arguments were based on the total sum of my experiences until then, whether through personal experience, observation or stories I’ve heard or read. If you think about it, that informs many the decisions we make or how we express our thoughts about things, circumstances or events. So imagine as you grow, and your knowledge base keeps expanding to accommodate everything you’re experiencing. For that reason, I wouldn’t fault anyone for changing their minds about stuff they once believed or expressed – because life is so flawed and change is the only constant (you have to read that post I’ve linked, I was onto something).

Life either humours you or humbles you, and it depends on how you look at it. I am very comfortable saying… I actually believed in this then, and I even practised it, but now I do not.

We need to play a game of ‘Things I once believed in, and I do not believe in any more.’ Please get to know your family and friends and who they’ve become or who they’re becoming by having more deeper conversations with them. You would be so surprised that you could be holding space for someone who doesn’t exist any more, who you think they are is long gone (I’ve LOL’ed as I was typing that). Worse yet, someone who exists but in your imagination, who you think they are is not who they are. Sis!!!

And with that, I will leave you this statement that I came across as I was crawling the interwebs… just vibes!

Our lives may look nothing alike, but we share one undeniable truth. We are flawed beings capable of change. We are people who believe in the promise of tomorrow even after knowing the darkness of yesterday. 

Stay Inspired,