Aspire Fitness: Ditching the “I can’t” Attitude.

The one thing that automatically runs through your mind and mouth when faced with a situation you think you can’t handle is usually, “I can’t”. Over the years, I have grown to know that as one of the most non-progressive words in our vocabulary. Because it means you’re neither interested nor willing to try because you don’t feel capable enough to do that task. For that reason, I strive to say less or none of it, whether at work or at home. I will always find myself working around whatever situation I am in, the best way I can, even when I know the task is out of my league. I console myself with the thought that if it’s come my way, then chances are that it’s because I can handle it. I’d rather ask for guidance when I get stuck and not say “I can’t”. Not because it’s for sissies (or is it?), but because I know it can be done … somehow.


However, when it comes to working out, that’s a different story all together. It’s like all those values are thrown out of the window as soon as I enter the studio door. It’s so easy to say “I can’t”, that it is always the first and fastest word that I utter when the trainer says that the next workout we’re doing is burpees or push up’s (those are my two monkeys at the moment). And you just want to roll your eyes back like the undertaker in defeat. If you were doing the workout at home, alone, where no one will judge you, you’d probably fast forward to the next workout activity. I see you; because I did that over the weekend. And we’ll have all the excuses to justify our “I can’t”. Some of my classic ones include; my arms and legs have just can’t (sometimes they just give in, and moving them even an inch becomes a challenge); I think I can’t carry the weight of my body; I have fat legs and they feel heavy. I can bet she never hears the end of it.

I am blessed to have such a cool and understanding trainer, whom I’ll introduce to you soon. The moment I utter the words “I can’t”, just before I believe in them, she counters it with a “You can” and she gets down with me and shows me how to go about it. I feel challenged and wonder, if she can do it, I really can do it too. And she goes ahead to say, “give me 8 more, just 8”, “you can do it Kawi” and when we just get into 8, she goes, “give me just 2 more, you can do it”. At that point, they sound like the worst words, but at the same time, quite motivating, because when you hit the last one, yes, you feel the ache, but at the very least accomplished too.

From this experience, the one thing I’m getting to learn is that there really is nothing that you can’t do. Your mind is a very powerful tool and it’s what informs your body. You may not be able to do something flawlessly just immediately, or in day one or even in one month, but if you make the effort to start the process of learning, and trying to do that activity or task, with constant practice and gradual progress, you get better at it. And what you were struggling to do at one point, now becomes a simple walk in the park.

At the moment, I’m really struggling with burpees, push-ups and planks. I feel like my abdominal and leg muscles are going to come crashing down, thankfully they’re still intact. But I realize as I continue, I’m struggling less and less by the day. And that’s what has encouraged me to ditch that “I can’t” attitude, because I can. So instead, I will say, “let me try to see what I can do.”

Happy Friday loves. Let’s ditch the “I can’t” and pick up the, “I can” attitude. Do you have any of those words that you want to ditch, whether it’s during your workout, at work or home?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*