Aspire Fitness: For a Clearer Mind.

Sometimes you have so much on your mind; so much to think about, so much to say, and so much to do, but you can barely execute it all. So it totally occupies your mind and takes a toll on you, that all you just need is an outlet to expel all these energies, otherwise, you could easily punch a wall or someone for that matter.

When I started working out, I was just thinking of it in terms of just keeping fit, and toning, of course, that beach body won’t just bring itself, I kid. Not at one point had I thought that this will be ideal for my mental well-being as well. Last week I was having a rough week, my mind was on over drive, because in addition to the usual life happenings, there’s that thing they call “cold feet” before the D-day. And suddenly I just felt overwhelmed by everything.

I have been doing the fitness programme for about a month now, and over this time, I have come to realize that the one thing that has made me love my fitness training sessions is that for the 1 hour I am there, I can’t think of anything else other than how I’m going to get through a challenging work out activity. One after the other – push-ups, burpees and lateral dumbbell raises still give me grief, but I somehow manage to complete my rounds because my trainer Hellen, wouldn’t see it any other way, “it’s all in the mind”, she says. And true to her word, when the mind says it can’t, you won’t; but when the mind pushes on, you do it.

My biggest doubt (not fear, just doubt) when I started the sessions was that I will not be committed enough to make it for all classes. We always have reasons, whether it’s laziness, exhaustion, alternative plans or excess work past hours. And we explicitly use them to excuse ourselves, but I have slowly learnt to clear my schedule for the time I’ve allocated for the workout. And surprisingly, I always look forward to it, because despite the muscle aches, the freshness your body and mind experiences after a good workout is unsurpassed, quite liberating. It took a while to discover this magic, but I’m glad I did, eventually. Seems I’m becoming a goodwill ambassador for a good workout.

Actually, meet my Trainer, Hellen Masemo. She’s my inspiration for this fitness journey. She makes it look and sound so easy, but mostly like so much fun – even when she’s lifting 16KG weights. There’s nothing more exciting than when you know that someone is doing something because they’re passionate about it. For her, it’s not another day’s job, or another client on her schedule, it’s another fun workout with a lot of motivation, we celebrate the smallest achievement. Last week we celebrated 10 counts of really badly done push-ups in my opinion (but she told me my form is getting better, I can’t wait to be good at it, because I struggle…oi). Maybe that’s what makes me look forward to my sessions.

Hellen Masemo, Aspire Fitness

Which workout do you struggle with the most?


What do you feel after a good workout?

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