Aspire Fitness: The #FitBixChallenge with Weetabix.

If my memory serves me right, my first encounter with Weetabix was as a result of peer pressure, because I had to literally beg my parents to get for me the cereal box so that I could own a Yo yo like one of my neighbors. Even then, peer pressure was quite a real struggle. My neighbor had been bought for the cereal box and had gotten the Yo Yo inside and it just looked like one of those cool things you’d also want to own. Especially because if was a freebie. It was exciting just throwing it up and down and it rolling back; it felt magical. Sounds pretty lame now, but I wouldn’t mind getting one again. It would work better than a stress ball. That was in 90’s, I was in lower primary school.

There was a Yo Yo craze, it’s just that we didn’t have a common social platform to share these things. From then on, Weetabix has always been my cereal of choice. In high school, top of the list on my basics was Weetabix and milk. During visiting days or mid-terms, my folks had made that observation, and before anything else (bae, see what I did there) that’s what they’d refill for me. We’ve come from way back.

And later, when brands are now using Social Media to connect to their consumers, I experience an engagement with a brand that I thought was once unreachable. I mean, the only interaction you expect to have with a brand like Weetabix is at point of purchase, and the address shared on the box, which of course you’ll never attempt to use. To me it was just a cereal I found healthy, filling and yummy! Then I see them on Twitter and Instagram, and there’s a persona behind the cereal brand. They’re running fun campaigns, there are people to engage with you; you can see the personalities behind the brand; you can see and engage with other consumers of the brand. What more would one ask for, expect for a lifetime supply of Weetabix?

So, one fine evening, I was just doing my last minute internet rounds before going to bed. And I was scrolling down my timeline, I bump into a sponsored post by Weetabix telling us to take part in the #FitBixChallenge. The instructions were simple, just save their number on your phone, WhatsApp them your 2016 fitness goal and a picture of you with your Weetabix cereal, and you stand a chance to win a Fitbit. I am not usually one to participate in digital campaigns especially when it comes to sharing information. I engage with brands on a need basis – like when I need to commend or condemn them, or when I need some assistance, and that’s just about where it stops. But this one called out my name, and so I followed the instructions and applied than night.

With my inquisitiveness, I tried to find out more about it, but that’s all they were divulging. They asked everyone who’d applied to wait for the winners to be announced on a certain date, and that’s exactly what I did. I think I must’ve moved on, but somewhere deep inside I wanted to get the in on whatever it was they were doing, because brand love. And that’s when they announced the winners, and name was there. And I thought that was it, but it wasn’t!

Weetabix, Fitbix Challenge

Thankfully, because after I won the Fitbit I wasn’t so enthusiastic about it. I am like that with gadgets – excited minute, and over it the next; especially if I feel it’s complicated to set up. Heck, I didn’t even know how to install it because on iOS the app is not available in our region. It really sucks when you’re locked out of all the cool stuff. And so my next option was to give it to my husband to figure it out and maybe wear it and eventually use it.

However, the smart folks at Weetabix had something else in store for us. They got us all into a fitness challenge using the Fitbit – which is now the #FitBixChallenge. They first took us through the installation of the app on our phones, syncing of the gadget to our phones – and I’m now a happy Fitbit user. We are normally given challenges every day, and we’re awarded points based on how you execute the challenges based on instructions. I like that they’re all rounded; both physical and mental exercises. Because isn’t that what well-being is about? I think the challenge is for a month so that we can make it a lifestyle, rather than a one day affair.

Weetabix, Fitbix Challenge

I honestly don’t even know what we’re competing for. In terms of what the reward at the end of the challenge/campaign will be, but I love it that way. Sometimes it’s fun working with the flow and taking it as it comes; because then I end up working out because I need it and I want to, not because I’m winning something. My fitness goal is geared towards getting toned, keeping fit and staying healthy. It’s exciting that besides having a Fitbit, I have people to challenge me in the journey. I will tell you some more about that and how it’s going so far.

Think about how far you’ve come today and how much farther you’ll go tomorrow!

Ever participated in any online campaign? What brand was it and what did you love about it?

Happy leap day.

***Please note that this is not a sponsored post.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*