Attaching Value to People & Things

How are you doing? I am doing great, besides really struggling with this weather. I’m definitely at my best when my body is soaking in some warmth. If it goes on like this after July, I might need to acquire an electric heater on top of that hot water bottle that I have. My body is unable to process this cold too well and it seems like one can never have enough warm clothes. At least I feel like I don’t. That aside, I am really embarrassed to say that I have been procrastinating to do my daily posts this past week, for valid but lame reasons.

I bumped into an acquaintance and as we were having our small talk, we got into talking about how we end up attaching value to things and to people when we are either in a crisis situation, or when we don’t have access to that thing or that person anymore. Before that, one would operate like they’re doing this person a favor by allowing them into their life in whatever capacity they come as and start wondering why they even had them in their life to start with. And we ended up agreeing that when you allow someone into your life; seek to understand what they do first, how this will add value to your life and decide at that point if you are better off with them or without them. Then once you decide to let them in, then appreciate the value they’re bringing and make use of them in the best way possible. Work hand in hand with them, applaud them, critique them positively, and allow them to be in your team 100%. Because no matter what role anyone is playing, they’re just as important. They are a contributing factor to your success.

For instance, if you decide to get a financial advisor, because you are experiencing a certain financial challenge that requires their expertise. Perhaps it’s a friend who referred you to this financial advisor who is good at what he does and that he will help you put your house in order. Then they find a working solution to your challenge and you decide to keep them around, because he’s now also helping you manage your finances. Then at some point you start feeling like they’re not as useful and maybe you don’t need them as much. After all, you were managing your finances without them anyway and so you slowly start pushing them away, and off they go. But after a while, you start to see the role they were playing as your financial advisor and the value they were bringing to your life, because there is no one to do those things for you anymore.

Many at times, the reason you undervalue someone, is because you feel like you can manage without them and that you will be saving a shilling or two by removing them from your equation. Or alternatively, you feel like you are offering them more than they’re offering you in terms of time, quality, effort and money. This actually made me review my how I value the people around me, and I told myself that whenever I’m introducing someone into my life whether it’s personal or professional, even where there exists a problem or a challenge, I need to understand what they do and how that connects to my need, so that I can be able to appreciate the fact that I do need them. This then helps me feel like I am not wasting money paying them for the service they’re offering me and I guess vice versa, because they won’t feel like they don’t deserve the money they’re making from me.

Stay Inspired,