‘Tis the Season

01/02, I celebrated my birthday. It was such a beautiful day. I spent the better part of the day getting pampered at a lovely spa called Illusion Spa, and for a moment there, I wished that was how every week began. Could that be how they

Looking For Friends? Look No Further!

Do you know so & so? Where did you meet? How did this start? Did you know each other before?  These are all questions we ask whenever we meet people who we deem to have a beautiful relationship (whether a romantic one or a friendship).

Are You The Same Person You Were…?

Say five seconds ago? Okay, I am pushing it, let's go with five years ago? That would be 2016.  First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to celebrate this come back with me. If ever I needed a push to keep at it, that

Don’t Rush!

I don't know what crossed your mind when you read those words. For me, it was the don't rush challenge song. Very unrelated to what I'll be going on about today, in case you were wondering. Do you remember watching the challenge, though?

Do it Afraid

I was listening to something in the interwebs, and this word caught my attention. Right now, as I type this, I am afraid. But then again, who is not? I've resorted to asking myself that question because (most of) the fears that cripple us

Outside the Window

It’s been raining sporadically lately and I’m still trying to figure out whether I love the rain or not. Here’s a background of where my dislike for the rain might have sprung from. When my commute involved a lot walking and public…

What Am I Even Writing About?

So I got stuck. Wondering ‘what am I even writing about?’ ‘what do I even want to write about?’ I love that this is what I’m feeling, because that means I’m questioning my entire existence. Do you ever look at yourself and wonder, ‘why am I…

Losing Yourself

By losing yourself, I mean the essence of who you are. I believe that in most cases, this doesn’t usually happen voluntarily, you just find yourself in situations that slowly suck the life out of you, instead of breathing life into you.  …