Better Than You Say or Think?

We have that tendency of thinking of ourselves lesser than what we actually are; be it in looks, appearances, accomplishments, abilities. Very few people would describe themselves as they are, because we tend to see more of the negatives than we do the positives in ourselves. Sometimes we feel like maybe you haven’t quite accomplished much or what you have managed to accomplish shouldn’t be said out loud because you feel like it’s just not enough. You could do better, because others have done better. Or you feel like maybe there are untold standards that have been set by others that you haven’t met. And everyone expects you to be or act in a certain way and you’re not to, so you look down on yourself. Confidence levels lurk and that prevents you from being the best you or even offering others the best of who you are or what you have.

I have felt that a couple of times myself, no lie. Where you enter a room and you just shrink in because well, the people in the room in your mind look better than you in one way or another. And that gets drilled into my mind, not because I’m any bad myself, but because I choose to look at myself that way. From there hence forth, for some reason everything goes downhill. It makes you question so many things, you don’t have a good time, at all. Nothing is exciting because you’re so cautious whether you’ll say the right thing, whether you’ll fit in, whether that’s the right forum for you.

It’s all in your mind. What you think of yourself, is all in your mind. Try see yourself the way others would see you. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your chubby or protruding cheeks, your nose pointed or flat, your hair long or short, those freckles or laugh lines, your wide grin, your height or weight,  that’s just you. That’s your representation. Considering that when someone approaches you, even before you utter a word, those are the first things they see. There are people who see those things as your best assets, even when you don’t. The little who don’t, well, they don’t really matter. Maybe the best thing would be to be happy and confident in who & what you are. If you feel who you are or what you have is not enough, manage the little, then work towards more. But people, they smell fear, discomfort, and all those things don’t bring out the best of you. They act as repellents. Yet, we all work towards attracting others.

I watched this video and it hit the point home. Those 2 ladies, they didn’t do themselves any justice as they described how they look to the artists. It’s the other person, who’d just met them for a moment, who appreciated them more than they did. He saw the better version of them. Why wouldn’t you see the better version of you?

“Be snazzy in your skin”

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*