Book Review: What Women Want by Fanny Blake.

When I visited the book store, it was with an intention of getting a book that will lift up my spirits. You know sometimes you just feel low for no particular reason, it could be just a funky mood. Other times the reasons are lingering but you can’t exactly pin point it and say this is why. And you just need to interact with something that will get your mind out of that space. So when I got to Text Book Center, which is where I buy most of my books, I met my favorite representative, Kamau. He’s quite the resourceful guy, he’s the one who’s recommended most of the books I’ve read in the past.

This time, when he asked me what I want to read, I told him I wanted something girly, like a chic lit of sorts, and something serious, a classic of sorts. See how vague we can get, but he got it anyway. And as we toured the store, he selected a few, which I wasn’t enthusiastic about, but eventually we settled on two. For the chic lit, I was torn between two, one of them being What Women Want by Fanny Blake, and I can’t remember the other one. So in between my ‘inky pinky ponky’ he proposes this one by Fanny Blake. It should be a good one, he says, based on the topic. Ha ha don’t we all want to know. I thought so too, and it had fun girly colors, and the reviews also did it some well deserved justice.

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And so when I started reading the book, it was exactly the dose of pleasure I needed in my life at that moment. It fueled my imagination, and it felt like I was heavily involved in my imaginary girlfriends’ lives. It was about the lives of these three professional women who were best of friends. They were all around the same age, a little older than the characters an average chic lit has. They were sassier, more aware of themselves and more mature in their relations. I’d say they were in their mid-forties, with a wealth of experience both professionally and personally to boot.

Bea, was a publishing director, who was divorced from her husband, had a teenage son and was in a high pressure work environment – with layoffs, tough bosses, the works. While at it, she had quite a couple of dating dramas too, as she was subscribed to a dating site called, ‘Let’s have Lunch’. She was really a cracker, and had nothing to lose when it came to giving relationships or situationships a chance.

Kate, was a practicing doctor, who had been married for many years to Paul. With grown up kids who had left them to start their lives away from them, they were now back to just being the two of them. And even if the spark they once had had lost its shine, they now have to work towards reigniting it. From her busy schedule which gets her so exhausted at the end of the day, to the husband going through a job loss. It’s through their son who’s in Africa that they eventually find a vocation that makes both of them light up feel alive once again.

Well, Ellen. Ellen was an artists and owned an art gallery. She was a widow, left with two children to fend for, and they meant the world to her. The dating scene wasn’t her playground and so she wasn’t as exposed as Bea, and when love happened to come her way, she was smitten, swoon, and swept off he feet, you just name it – and as Oliver took over her life, she was blinded by his charm. But not for too long, at least not with a bestie like Bea – she was quite the interrogator and CIA. She dug into his recent past, and that’s how it went downhill from there.

It’s a simply written book, that’s conversational, but what kills it is her great sense of descriptive writing style. She’s able to describe a person so well, that you feel like you’ve actually seen or met them. I even created the characters in my mind, and was extremely entertained. At one point I was pissed at Ellen for being a bit too naïve, and Kate for being a cock blocker when it came to Bea poking into Oliver’s past. At another, I was rooting for Bea to dig on and sell him out. She’s that friend that every girl needs on her team.

Okay, if you’re in need of Chick Lit, grab the book already.

What are you currently reading? I just got started on Khaled Hosseini’s – And the Mountains Echoed. From the reviews by friends and others, it seems it’s the Khaled Hosseini way to tap into your emotions. Having read A Thousands Splendid Suns a while ago, I even had to take a break from him. I’ll just have my packet of Kleenex nearby in case I break down.

Happy reading!

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