Born Day: Live Out Passionately.

I am ecstatic that today we get to celebrate yet another year in our lives. I celebrate my life and the life of all those around me. From my handsome birthday ‘soul’ mate and husband, my parents, my baby sister, my bigger family (relatives), my friends and my colleagues that are my friends – because it’s these people who make life what it is. Without each of these people, life would be really lonely. And in all my 20(+9) years, it’s knowing that there all these people around me that has made me the happy person I am today. You all fuel my craziness, and I love you for it.

Birthday Mates, Happy Birthday, Love

Our best man, Mike, asked us to name three things that we would wish for if a genie popped the question. It got me thinking, and…

This year, I just want to live out passionately.

I want to light up the world. Like a candle, I just want to share my light with those around me. I want to travel and ‘see and do’ some more, because that’s the only way I can know and appreciate the beauty that is the world and the perfection that is Gods creation. I want to read more, because that’s the only way I can get into someone else’s mind and experience their thoughts. I want to worry less, and live some more. I want to profit from my passion and for it to contribute towards us living a more comfortable life. I want to help others achieve their dreams whether directly or indirectly. I want to inspire, and I want to be inspired. I want to have tonnes of fun in whatever I do and whoever I do it with. I want to love effortlessly and without limits. I want to forgive easily. I want mini-me’s *read babies*. I want to lead a healthy lifestyle and I want good health for me and mine. I want to be happy, and I want to radiate it to those around me; because what’s this life if you’re not happy?

There’s so much to want, but that is what is at the top of my mind. And if I was to blow out my candles, that’s what my wish list would look like. It’s not too much to ask for right? That’s what I mean by living out passionately. And if I can do them, I think celebrating the big 30 next year will be ballistic.

To my birthday (soul) mate and husband, this day feels dreamy every year, this is the 4th one. It’s in one in a million chances that you get to share a birthday with your lover. I thank God for you, and that I have you to share this life with – may we continue challenging each other, loving each other, learning with each other, laughing with each other, but mostly living out passionately with each other. Thank you for always making it memorable and for that kick ass time piece.

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So on my tab since I was blessed to start the month, may February be your best month for anyone reading this. May you be blessed beyond measure, and may you love some more.

Please get your lover a little something this Valentine’s Day – don’t break the bank – lunch, a book, a hair clip, a bouquet of flowers, chocolates – just a little something. Don’t brush it off with the ‘I don’t do that stuff’ because deep down someone wants someone to show them some love, even when they know that you love them. And Valentine’s Day is just a reminder for those that forget that. Let that person be you. Ha ha don’t shoot the messenger.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*