Breaking My Virginity.

Don’t you think that is the best thing that ever happened “Breaking Your Virginity” for all intents and purposes have an open mind.

*By a show of hands yeah right*

  • How many of you are still virgins, I mean you have never broken your virginity?

*hands down*.Okay.

  • How many of you have broken their virginity?

*hands down*,

  • How many of you aren’t sure, that is you’re still on the fence? *Thanks for participating*

I’m disappointed by the very first lot, so I bet this post is not for you. I’m being discriminatory here mindinthegutter is all am saying.But for your curiosity’s sake you can go on reading.

This has happened to me an uncountable number of times, I can be a slut like that…haha. And every-time the experience is different. You know the kind of different feelings, different emotions, different circumstances, different cast (actors), different script. I bet you get what I’m saying.

You know, it’s at that moment, no matter how confident you are, you realize that you have some intrinsic fear and as a result, a million and one questions cross your mind, as you even *cringe* at the slightest thought of it.

Am I really going to do it right?

What if I/we don’t enjoy, what happens?

Will I do it a second time, and a third, and a fourth and much more?

What if something happens? i.e the repercussion

Will I be satisfied, be happy and proud of myself?

If it’s a good feeling will it last/ and be part of me.

It amazes me, sometimes I can actually realize the fear is a stupid feeling, but I still fear, probably cower will be the best fit word to describe this. I don’t know if I’m the only one who goes through a huge series of questioning, I bet it can qualify to being divided into seasons and episodes, which could probably materialize to a reality  show #justkidding

I hope it’s human and I’m not super natural…lol. Sometimes you even come with the wrong equipment, because you are not so sure how it’s done or what is required. You carry unnecessary things that  you think you will need to break this virginity. It could be out of fear of asking, the other party or parties what one needs to carry along. They could end up mocking you like, “Shiish dude, you’ve not done this before?” or “How can you use this, that’s so gay”, I mean, you don’t want to be told anything of that sort. Your alter ego needs to be shielded.

Haha I found this one particularly interesting, we need more friends like this.. The *sssshhh* I won’t tell kind. Even when you blunder, because in most cases (I believe like 90%) when you’re breaking your virginity, you blunder big time. Wrong move, wrong positions, touching wrong buttons, pulling wrong things, wrong expressions…*CRINGE*

Breaking my Virginity, could be well-known as my first times. I was born into this world knowing and having experienced nothing. All through as I have grown up into this young beautiful woman, I have broken my virginity over and over and over, that’s why I am where I am today, doing what I am doing, and being who I am.

I have tried my best not to waste an opporunity where I get to experience a first time of something. It can be quite exciting beyond words, or it could be as scary as hell. Although quite a couple that remain a fantasy, there are others I’m waiting for an opportunity to pop up, and if it does I’ll join the band wagon without fear nor favor.

I won’t list down my “Firsts” maybe in future. Let me save my alter ego here, because some of them are so lame, but they do make my day or they could be too crazy and unrealistic. It also could sound like a bucket list, which I’m still trying to figure out.

But hey the message here “LIFE IS SHORT, IF YOU CAN, LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST”, Breaking your virginity is just but a start to greater and better things that life has to offer.


Lovely day my people’s.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*