Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is coming to an end in a few days. And I can assure you if there’s one thing that has been really publicized this month, it’s the Breast Cancer Awareness cause. Everyone has come up with an initiative that encourages every woman and man, young and old to go and have their boobies examined.

I love it that we’re all mindful of others and ensuring that everyone has at least had a check up. I have had friends and relatives diagnosed with cancer and to be honest I hate that disease, it just eats you up our loved ones. It’s like a prolonged horror movie … in and out of hospital, drugs, depreciating health, worried family members, financial drains … it just doesn’t get any better.

It’s inevitable, but can be detected earlier and if detected earlier, something can be done (it’s said that it can be curable if detected at an early stage) and that’s why with all these awareness programmes, we should go ahead and get examined and be cleared off of any worries associated with cancer. Especially those of which can be felt or examined, so far I know of, breast cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer.

So my friends have this project going on called #ThePinkProject. It’s usually advised that you should go for this examinations yearly. So what they do, is that once you register with them here, you get a yearly reminder. The reminder will be on your birthday, so just in case you forget your birthday or other people do, at least The Pink Project will remember you 🙂

Do you know why everyone is doing this awareness stuff?  It’s because we cannot imagine a world without you! Yeah … I know you’re probably thinking, but you don’t even know me, but the world, my dear friend is like a ball gum, tiny! So if your family members or friends are sad, chances are that it’s trickling down to someone else are very high, and it could get to you, me and anyone else. So if we strive to make sure that everyone is alright, then that right there, will lead to happy people.

Ever asked yourself, what the world would be without women?

I think women are the source of life, by all means. And no, I don’t mean procreation and giving birth, that’s standard. She makes everything come to life —> at home, at work, in the streets. They bring color and the femininity is just calming.

Yes, women make everything complicated, and they will make you want to work harder to please them, to make them happy. They express their emotions, and their eyes are the windows to their heart and soul. That’s why you will never get a book on how to understand a woman…hehe *sorry dudes*. They can do literally anything they set their hearts to do and that’s why they make good multi-taskers and can really take care of “the world”. And that’s what makes the world a happy place for you.

So a world without women, would be lifeless, nothing to look forward to and definitely no one to please , difficult … They are that one other thing that makes life interesting, a piece of the puzzle! Truth told it would be sucky! Ha ha . Okay, I’m a woman, so I’m biased, but I’m sure a day without me would be disastrous to many :p

By the way, the Breast Cancer Examination is something you can do yourself as well : Check out this link  here . It’s healthy to touch yourself and know what your body is about. Feel anything abnormal, be sure to go the clinic and get a thorough check up.

For cervical and prostate cancer, you need to go to the clinic as they have to do some lab tests and so on. There’s also a vaccination for cervical cancer known as Human Papillomavirus Vaccine. Just go to the clinic and inquire about it. Personally I went to Family Health Care Center a branch of Family Health Options Kenya, that’s where I go for anything gynecological. Their services are amazing and totally informational on all aspects of reproductive health. In case you were looking for a clinic to go you can try it out. They are located at Phoenix House, 5th Floor, along Kenyatta Avenue.

Don’t forget to be your sister’s and brother’s keeper. God bless!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*