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When You Hit Rock Bottom

A reader recently asked me this question, “how do you continue having a positive outlook even in dark times?” They are going through a rough patch in their lives and they were just wondering what type of positivity pills I pop, because how…

Let Others Be

Let others be. You live your life, and let others live theirs. You make your choices, and let others make their choices too. Whether it seems right or wrong to you, remember it’s not in our place to condemn or judge them. And if you really…

What Would You Request For?

Given a chance to make one wish, what would you request for today, at this very moment that you’re reading this? It takes me back to the ‘genie in a bottle’ tale. If only you could share with me what crossed your mind.

The Life Manual

There are so many times I wish that life had a manual. One that we could refer to when going through the motions that life brings our way. And especially when facing challenges, because when things are working out, and all is nice and…