Chasing Balance and Juggling Life.

The other day, I saw my friend talking about how she’s struggling to juggle life’s responsibilities on her status update, and as I read on as I was really empathizing with her because aren’t we all rocking in the same ship? We try to look and sound perfect, like everything is really working out, that we can achieve a balance, but truth is, I think balance is the last thing I am experiencing. It’s neither here nor there. On a normal day, I will do what I am meant to do, when I am meant to do it, because that’s what’s expected of me and it makes me feel organized. And though sometimes some activities fall through the cracks, I try to make up where I can, and where I can’t, I try to see how to work around it.

Balance for me is when you can do all these things (those you’re meant to do, or rather expected to do by everyone around you) without dropping the ball and it almost feels super human – aren’t jugglers? It’s a skill that’s perfected over time, with a lot of practice and commitment. When you think of juggling, you would be mistaken to think it’s the easiest of things to do, because of how easily the jugglers toss those balls. And if asked if you’re up to the challenge, you’ll probably pick up the balls and start off, only to realize that there’s a mechanic to how they balance the balls. How they hold, toss, and hold again and repeat so that the cycle looks so magical.

With life, I could be that juggler, but just when I think I’m getting the hang of it, and that the balls (representing the different aspects of my life) are being juggled pretty well, down comes a curve ball. It brings confusion and one by one the balls keep dropping, and I pick them up and keep trying to just get it right all over again. It could be as a result of the simplest of things; a persistent misunderstanding, an unmet expectation, an extra responsibility, an undone duty, a broken promise… the list is endless.


If only we could compartmentalize our roles and responsibilities and give each of them the deserved time and not end up feeling like you’re always dragging along a never reducing load. Because, we go through seasons where one area of our life requires more of our attention, and it takes up the time of other areas.  When that happens, we’re forced to let some balls drop. I just think the way to go about it, is to learn what works for you and why; what doesn’t work for you and why. This is absolutely important, because why stress and you know it’s just not going to work for you? Instead, try figure out an alternative way to handle it – in a way that works for you.

For that reason, it’s also just as important to know the balls that matter so that you focus on them. Then you will feel like you haven’t wasted your efforts. If it matters to you, it’s worth your time, effort, stress, sweat and tears (and all those sacrifices and feelings  that come with going out of your comfort zone). You then list your expectations, which technically becomes the imaginary line that keeps you in check. And when you cross that line (or don’t meet your expectations), you snap yourself back to reality. You might not get everything right; you might not even be able to do all the things you strive to, but at least do the few things you’ve chosen to focus on well. If nothing else, that’s bound to give you some much appreciated feeling of contentment, which we all need every once in a while.

I actually believe that there’s not any one time that one will ever feel completely balanced because of that thing called expectation – both of yourself and of others – there will always be something weighing heavily on either side of the scale that’s your life. So it could be a futile chase. But with juggling, you eventually get it with time, practice, commitment and prayer. Even though sometimes you’ll have to compromise your focus based on the balls that life throws your way.

Today, I’m in a “just mellow” mood, no excitement for anything in particular. And Gavin DeGraw (Sweeter) is the guy on my playlist. Have a fantastic weekend and happy juggling!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*