Clue – Clueless – Cluelessness!

This is so random, but I was wondering have you ever been so clueless about something? Like you just don’t know…I mean even if you dig through the archives you just have either never heard of that something … or you are just CLUELESS! You feel like you either want to just run away or the earth should just open up and swallow you whole.

And you cannot say a simple “I don’t know” … Clueless is no excuse, it’s like a sign at a junction telling no “U-Turn” in this case being clueless is like breaking information traffic laws.

Then this being so clueless usually comes at the most awkward times, the ones where you would be better off knowing things, for the sake of your ego especially. Some Scenarios:

You have dressed up so well to go for an interview in an organisation you are dying to work for, then they ask you a question and you go blank *clueless* , either you’ve never heard of what they have asked you or you’ve heard of it and never bothered to look it up, because it’s not an area of your interest.

You have studied, burnt the midnight oil reading for an exam, and when you enter the exam room so confident to have read, you turn over the question paper, the question one which is usually compulsory is about the last topic which you were too tired to read so you just brushed it off. And you read the question over and over and over but nothing *clueless* , even on what to guess (It’s a laughing situation)

You boss gives you an assignment on something out of your line and he starts asking you questions on it, and you don’t want to pull an “I don’t know” or “Let me google and get back to you” because you don’t even know what it is exactly you are “Google Searching”.

Your sibling/daughter/niece/nephew comes to you in full confidence because you are older and ask you a question (probably from our worst subject), say from History or Math and you are sooo *clueless* and you do want to look dumb in front of a kid.

You are the expert and everyone at work knows it, and so someone comes to ask you a question on your area of expertise, but you are *clueless* about what they’ve asked but you don’t want to look like you don’t know.

You are one of the people who knows everything about everything, and the one day someone comes up with this “out of the blues maybe yellows” question and you have never even come close to knowing such a thing even exists *clueless*

You meet your friends and they are in the middle of a story and they expect up to catch up with them i.e be at the same level of understanding , so that if they make an inside joke you are supposed to get it and probably laugh, but this time round you are so unaware *clueless* maybe it’s even you they are dissing.

Haha, I would love to know what people do under such circumstances, how they react … how they deal with their *cluelessness* I mean when you think about it it’s funny. I mean this is where your ego is bruised a good one and sometimes there’s nothing you can really do.

Until you go research on what you were clueless about and find out it was the most obvious simple thing like 1+1=2 ok, not literally but you get my point.

And at that point you just want the earth to actually open up and swallow you, especially if its one of those things that determine your destiny. like Exams, Interviews, Presentations.

I would like to know if people like @alykhansatchu, @mbuguanjihia , @Kachwanya (the only ones I can relate to at the moment since I follow them on Twitter, and I have gone through their blogs #woi ) and other experts experience such *clueless* moments and how they deal with it. Do they guess out something that they think is close i.e. a close guess especially if an answer is needed immediately quite curious or do they just say *I don’t Know* or do they ask for clues????