Crunch…ch…ch Time.

No, it sure ain’t me feeding on some crunchies. Now I wish I actually was, do you know those chocolates are back in the market, the ones that would stick to your teeth as you crunch on them. As I now figure out why I loved them , they used to keep my selective hyper-active self a bit busy as I try to clean my teeth with my tongue. In the same spirit, they should bring back goody goody. Yah, who’s for that? who can pull some strings? I wish I had the resources, ingredients and recipe.

T.G.I.F Sillyness 🙂

Yeah, so I’m still doing exams, hence my weekend is actually the crunch time, I’m on a handout marathon. You can see the side effects ↑, they come in different faces. Frustrating I tell you, but I’m a survivor since I dug myself a hole and got into it myself…lol. I could’ve been the good student and started reading on time and what not, so now I’m fighting my procrastination and last minute demons and boy are they powerful.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a better weekend than I am. Plus, what’s with the rain of late? It’s like the clouds have a timer, it’s sunny then all over sudden it’s pouring hippos & elephants in the afternoon (1:59pm = lunch time) and evening (4:59pm = home time). Somehow the rain makes us feels soluble, at least it makes me feel so and the traffic that follows kind of proves that we’re many who feel the same and it just binds you, you just want to stay in. I don’t fancy the cold at all, though I can recall complaining when it was too hot.

Sometimes we can really confuse God. He gives us this (the sun), then we think nah, maybe this (the cold) or that (the rain) would be better. Then when he gives us the alternatives and we just can’t keep up with them we’re like you know what, I like what I had before (the sun) . Personally, I’d rather be heated up by the scorching sun, at least then I can wear my vests, sandals, sun-dresses *cough*, the roads are dry, I can take my walks with no worry of puddles and second showers by the roadside, no wet clothes/shoes, less traffic, no umbrella’s and last but not least, NO COLD *brrrrr*.

Let me make you laugh though, now is when I can see the benefits of the sun, when it was there, I was really taking it for granted. I feel like apologizing and just begging it (or mother nature) to bring it back. Such is life mates, when you have something or someone at your disposal, you don’t see it’s/their importance or you see it but you take it for granted. Sometimes it happens subconsciously that we just find ourselves complaining or ranting about something that indirectly makes us happy or that if we didn’t have everything wouldn’t be so okay.

Not that we should have a huge party every-time that the sun is out (that we have whatever it is we have or want), but those small gestures of appreciation could do. You know those that imply that you know what you have, you care about it and without it things wouldn’t be okay. Chances are that when that when you do that, you feel whole like you’ve done your good deeds of the year over and over, such a fulfilling feeling. Yes, it does go a long way, feeling like you’re in the right place, that you’re needed and wanted is a priceless feeling for anyone everyone no?

It’s the little things and the much joy the bring. As I always tell me, you don’t have to do it big to prove a point. Actually those little things have so much meaning … Oh don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t say I don’t want the big things. I like how India Arie puts it out (song: Little things). You should actually listen to it, I recommend and you know my taste is good *hides*

As simple as a phone call just to make it known
That you’re gonna be a little late
Pure as a kiss on a cheek in a word
That everything will be okay

Call in the mornin’ from my little sister
Singin’ to me, “Happy Birthday”
In the quest for fortune and fame
Don’t forget about the simple things

Song of the week

And Taylor Swift has a new one that I hadn’t heard. I heart her music and how she brings out.


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~ *Kawi*