Dance to Your Own Music.

I spent the better part of this weekend with my mother and baby sister just hanging out, chatting, shopping, cooking, you name it. They really do make my days, I can’t even begin to explain how because it’s too intense. We don’t see each other every day because we live in different houses, of course, but also my parents relocated to the countryside in Meru. And now they are full-time country dwellers. You should hear them narrating to us some the stories of the goings-on there, it’s the full-on hilarity.

I keep joking and telling them that that’s the ideal retirement plan. I can’t think a better place to retire to. I mean, if it’s not by a beach front, then it might as well be around some vegetation, the atmosphere just needs to bring a feeling of greenness, freshness and coziness. I don’t think the hustle and bustle of the city is really conducive for retirement. After working so hard for all those years, the last thing you want to be subjected to is this concrete jungle and the constant rush of people and activities. You just need a place that will allow you to live life at your own pace. You know, doing the things you love doing without the unnecessary external pressures that come with just simply being in the city.

My mother currently runs her own clinic. She used to run one here in the City, but then when they relocated, she closed it and opened one at the countryside. When she tells you about her typical day at the clinic, you can feel the excitement and fulfillment in her voice. Like you can tell that she’s right where she’s supposed to be. It’s not about how much money she’s making, but just about her having a vision for herself and following through to ensure she’s able to execute it.

Rithika Medical Centre, Kangeta, Meru

She would constantly confess that all she aspires for her retirement is to be able to provide access to quality healthcare services to people in our community. To be honest, at some point it used to scare me because I could not think beyond how it would be when they’re far away from us. This is a couple of years back when our parents were literally our backbones and we couldn’t imagine life without having them within near reach. And definitely not over 250km away.

See, even if there were health care facilities in the community, there was a form of laxity by the medical practitioners. You would find that the medical practitioners there are revered because of their qualifications or status but when it comes to offering the services, they’re not up to par. For instance, you would find them lacking professionalism or up-to-date because they don’t bother to carry out research or attend additional training or just don’t bother going the extra mile for the patients. And to see her today living her dream is quite an inspiration. To see her so passionate about playing a role in helping the people in the community is admirable. And to see that her passion is not driven by the need to mint money, but by the need to solve problems and help people live better lives is even more admirable. I pray that she continues with the same enthusiasm and that God blesses her with the strength to do so.

What even makes it even more exciting about this, is that my father has been by her side every step of the way as she implements this desire that she’s had for years. I feel like he’s her muse. The way they work together, never in my wildest dreams could I have seen it unfolding this way. And if that’s not #Goals, then I don’t know what else is. And that’s why I say,

Dance to your own music. Even when you feel like you have two left legs or you feel like your tune is different from those around you. When do so, those around you will feel your rhythm and they will dance to your tune, because if they’ve stayed around you long enough, your tunes become aligned.” ~ Kawiria

Rithika Medical Centre, Kangeta, Meru

Some of the things that you desire today for the future might seem so disconnected from your present or out of tune, but it doesn’t hurt to desire them anyway. Whether it’s in your career or where you work, your relationships, your business, your family, your home or where you settle. It might take a day or 20 years for them to come to be, but when you believe, things usually happen.

I’m really amped up for this week, I believe it will be a great one. And also, it’s December. What’s there not to love about December? Christmas is coming. I love Christmas and all the vibes it comes with.

Happy Week Snippers’.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*