Dandy December

Have you ever had an picture but you don’t have a story, or maybe you have a story but you don’t know how to put it down, but you still want to have it up. Oh well, that’s me today. I have had this picture for the longest time and I’ve always wondered how to use it. So it’s being lying in my blog pics folder and I just keep wondering, “Picture, I really want to use you … but how, when, at least I know where”

November was that month for me that can be best described by the royal tears. Funny enough as mentioned earlier, I’m a natural crier … lol but this month anything that got me anywhere close to crying would get a “really?”, or “No ,you’re not!” or “Not now”. From the loss of my uncle, to ‘minor’ heart breaks, too much to handle, home-sickness, loneliness, boredom, just because.

All in all, if there’s one thing about me, is that I’m an optimist. There’s always a reason for everything including those stupid decision made in one case or another which I think everyone does. What matters is what lessons you learn at the end of them all. However, the most important is not to forget to thank God for the blessings too, because failure to see those, you don’t see the beauty of life.

November Lessons 

  • Life is short. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the impact is still the same.
  • Open your eyes, use your brains and protect your heart.
  • Be careful who you open up to. Only a few people actually care, the rest are just curious.
  • It could have been worse
  • Learn from every mistake and think about it over and over, so that the next time you’re about to repeat it, you feel stupid.
  • If you fall and stumble, don’t let it get you. Let it be your inspiration.
  • There are friends for a reason, a season and a lifetime. Accept that and move on or move in.
  • If you’re not supposed to be in it, then it won’t work out. I think it’s the way of the universe giving you hints.
  • Whatever you do, if it comes from your heart, then all is good. If it fails, chances are that you won’t regret it.
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • Life is what you make of it, smile with the world it smiles back at you … frown at it, it will most definitely frown back at you.
  • Whatever happens to you, just know you’re not the first nor the last. It always gets better eventually. I don’t know how but somehow it does.
  • Lastly,

November Blessings

  • Life and life in abundance – Good health, beautiful person in and out.
  • My family is my number one supporter.
  • Awesome friends, who are there for you, who think of you, who check up on you.
  • People who think the world of you.
  • I’m able to juggle work and school, it’s crazy I say.
  • Fun photo-shoot ( here and here ), fun coast trip.  Plus it had been a while since I swam, that was a blissful moment, should do it more often.
  • I enjoy what I do … makes waking up in the morning much easier.
  • Awesome colleagues.
  • Good music – for what would we do without music? It speaks to me. When no one else knows what to say when to say, music does.
  • The ability to express myself in writing.
  • For being me … I’m social, smiley, loving and I pray nothing changes who I am. It makes everything much much easy.

December is here

So let’s see … December, December, December. It’s come along so fast … jeez! I ain’t complaining, but you know it’s the indicator that the year has come to an end. Any how, it’s also that month that comes with goodies and fun times. Plus at least 3/4 of the people are usually happy, in a holiday and party mood including our bosses *wink*.

Now since it’s finally here, I might as well get into the December program, though I technically don’t have one. What’s with everyone asking what I have planned for Christmas? Am I the only one who never has anything planned? Other than being at home of course, its standard procedure … tihihi

I love that the month is fresh … feels like I’m letting out my spanking new self and here goes my ↓

December Expectation

  • Be much smarter – I think the year has had enough lessons on me, now it’s about time I gave back the lessons learnt.
  • Finish my exams – Oh my I can’t wait. Still getting used to the whole “Back To School” set up.
  • Have fun fun fun – That’s the standard procedure for December, wherever I am, whatever I do … just make sure it’s fun even if it’s sleeping.
  • Be a bit random, crash parties, visit people and places, basically ↑
  • Make my family and friends happy, have a laugh , catch up – It’s goodie goodie month. Oh, the excitement.

Quote of the day

Someday is why we never say never. It’s the reason we never give up, the reason we never give in. It’s a place in our hearts that can’t be broken, where our dreams always come true and the moment we’ll never let go ~ Justin Bieber

To a Dandy December full of laughter and lots of love! Just the way it’s supposed to be. God Bless Ya’ll … xo!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*