Days that you hate

I’m the only one who experiences instances of hate { hate is a strong word, would have used a better name like dislike, but hate best describes the feeling at that particular time} on somethings or some people. The feeling will last for as long as the event takes place and disappears immediately after that.

I bet if you have, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It’s those things people do for for a minute or more and they make you want to practically pull off their hair or given the opportunity you would just kick their ass or give them a piece of your mind.

So there day’s that I just hate:

Matatu Conductors and Drivers

You walk to the stage in the morning, and the conductor comes convinces you to take the matatu to a particular destination which is where you are headed anyway. And you even re-confirm, and at the moments he’s the sweetest person…he even calls you beautiful, then three-quarter way to your destination, he decideds ya’ll now have to alight and walk to the destination stage because there are traffic cops ahead? WTH!!! And he does not the least care. Those are the times you wish you had a police-mans no. on speed dial. or you could just hold him by the collar and give him a piece of your *not so amused* mind.

Boring Radio Presenters

You’ve entered the matatu expecting to be entertained only for the station on air have some lifeless presenters…aaarrrggghh and you are going to be stuck in traffic for like 30mins listening to someone sound disgusting in discussions no offense but who puts Nick Odhiambo or even Ciku Muiruri on the classic FM breakfast show (oh, it’s the station played by nearly all matatu’s)…YUCK! he just says disgusting things in a more disgusting way.


You go home anticipating to watch a good movie, after foregoing all the plans with your friends. Only for KPLC to decide electricity is a luxury for you. Times you wish you just knew just one employee of kplc who manages switches…but I can bet they never disclose their job…because the number of people cursing him and wanting his throat..I can only imagine.

Police Men

What is with policemen and matatus, the day you are late to work is when they decide…we are going to do an operation. I know policemen are here to maintain peace and order, but surely to the point of scaring off public transport.


Watchmen, waiters, shop attendants, drivers, conductors – This guys can spoil your day I tell you. They can turn such a simple thing into a complicated thing, actually complicated is an understatement, they always make it look like you are the bad one. I have learnt in the worst way – never try to reason out with them because you are the one who’ll end up looking like a fool.

Big word users

Ever come across this guys who talk to you but their main attempt is to make you look stupid. They will use complex words and statement and for sure you’ll look stupid, because you won’t get a thing they’ve said. Arrrgggh I can’t stand such, they make me soooo irritated.

Oh just found out this guys are called — “sesquipedalian”

Funny Babaric Behaviors

I experienced this once I had visited some restaurant, I think it’s called café pronto and City star… whereby first the food that’s brought is “mchanganiko maalum”i.e the contents of the plate of food are really mixed up, and the group of I think Somali guys are eating together as they talk. Now the part I hated is where, as they first of all eat with their hands and the food is flying everywhere, they are basically chewing with the mouth wide open…eeeewwww!

I could barely swallow my food at the view…me who loves eating, was satisfied and disgusted at the second bite. Then comes the part for washing your hands and the dude decides he’s washing his mouth and face on the sink…and all the contents of his mouth are splattered on the sink…. Oh Myyy Goooosh tha was just it. YUCK!!! I went back so irritated, disgusted and at that particular moment I hated Somali restaurants and the people. Though I still find myself in them seeing as they have occupied nearly all the restaurants in the CBD.

Random dude trying to vibe you

A dude decides he’s going to start asking you weird lame questions in the matatu. Please, unless you have something concrete you want to ask, just shut up, and NO i’m not being mean I’m just being realistic. For instance an escapade:

Dude: Hey, what’s your name? I’m XXXX

Kawi: Oh hi, uuuuum *thinks about it *I’m *fake name*

Dude: So are you in campus?

Kawi: No

Dude: You leave in Kenya Institute of Administration…Is it an Institute or a hostel

Kawi: *honestly I’m not mean, but that was the closing point of that conversation, if there was any* I’m not in the mood of talking right now.

Dude: Ok. So can I have your number.

Kawi: *Serious look, and I continued reading my novel*

If the dude pulled a smarter move, I would’ve probably engaged in a conversation. But it’s just not right to talk to every other girl especially if you have nothing to say, just hold your horses, let them out when it’s necessary. It’s not amusing to be mean to someone…lol

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*