I’ve decided to do a post based on a one-word prompt, because writer’s block! Then I remember a certain author trashing the whole ‘writer’s block’ concept. I felt targeted, but appreciated the gesture in equal measure. It always seems like a perfect excuse to not challenge your mind and just let it laze in the comfort that you’re experiencing a writer’s block. While in essence, you could write about anything, at least if you enjoy writing.

writers block, word prompts

When I think of the word diverse, of course I think of things that are different or that offer a variety of options for you to pick from or if uniqueness. I love that it exists and gives us a sense of mental freedom, that we’re not stuck into one way of doing or thinking about things. It gives a chance to the people who are physically, mentally and emotionally different, and the people who appreciate this difference. It makes it absolutely cool to be different, and adds some soul to your interactions too. Because why would you want to engage with someone who’s exactly the same way as you? Isn’t that a clone? Such a snore!

The easy way of doing things but not necessarily revolutionary or fulfilling, is to do what everyone else is doing – you know like the old adage, ‘monkey see, monkey do,” and to agree to what everyone else is saying or doing, because then there would be no arguments, only agreements and oh-so-happy days. But is that really so, and to what end?

I remember this one time we had a difference of opinion with the husband, don’t all married people? And knowing me to be vocal about my opinions, this time I decided that I will just agree to whatever he says, just so that we can close on that discussion amicably. But he found that absolutely odd, because over time, he’d come to know me. He knows what ticks me off, he knows how I’d react to something, and this one was just off – it was a discussion that required me to be real about my feeling towards it. And so he asks, “why are you just agreeing to this? What’s your opinion on it?” And here I am wondering, “What do you want me to say? I just don’t want to get into an argument regarding this right now.” But instead, something in me goes, “Okay, this is what I am thinking about this and that…” and that’s how it would go on a normal day.

You see, we almost always have a difference in opinions, because we’re different. We think and see things from different angles – starting with the mere fact that he is a man, and I am a woman, to having different backgrounds and different beliefs. Sometimes a situation requires you to share you genuine point of view, because it could save someone from something, it could help you make some necessary change within you or around you, it could drive you to create and innovate, it could help you out of a (or deal with) a situation. That diversity forms healthy and wholesome discussions and outcomes. It creates a balance especially when it’s shared, heard and reflected on, because everyone’s opinion really does matter in one way or another. It might not be applied, but it does matter that everyone has their independent opinion on something and it’s shared.

And when that happens, you don’t feel stifled or like your contribution to the discussion has been sidelined and deemed useless. This empowers you. It empowers you as a person, and it makes you feel worthy – your presence and your contribution. That someone cares enough to hear you out and consider what you’re telling them. It makes you share your valuable opinion on things that matter to you and to them, and in a way that will bring value to their lives. Rolling back, that should be the core reason of publicly expressing your diverse opinion.

Go ahead, take pride in your opinions, share them. Don’t forget that others have opinions too, let them share theirs. And the beauty is in their diversity. But don’t be to proud to have these opinions meet and get stripped down when you need to reach a consensus.

Have a splendid week ahead Snippers, won’t you?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*