Do I Really Need It?

Is that a question you constantly ask yourself?

Me, all the time. So let me ask you, are you the kind of person who purchases things because you have seen others purchase them or are you the kind of person who purchases things because you actually need them? Or let my try in a different way, are you the kind of person who is easily influenced to purchase stuff your peers have purchased or showcased or do you take your time to evaluate whether you actually need that thing that’s being advertised before you make a decision to purchase it?

Alexandre knows best…

I ask this because the other day as I was scrolling on my IG timeline, I came across this beautiful product package by Craving Yellow, the Craving Yellow Box. And to be honest I was ready to purchase it. It’s how she has packaged it as that thing you need and maybe you actually do. It’s a good thing (for my pockets) that I didn’t have any money in my M-Pesa, and getting it from any other place where I stash my money at that point was feeling like an extreme sport.

I really like how she packages her products and makes you feel like if you don’t purchase those products in that package, you hair won’t grow as long as hers. I’m saying this in the most positive of way possible. She has really cracked it and cracked us, her target aaudience. I love how she’s been consistent with her brand, so much so it plays with your psychology even when you’re making a decision what product to purchase for your hair. For a moment there, you imagine your hair growing as long and thick as hers even if your genetics fail you. You almost want to go to her page and scroll and see what she had recommended for conditioner or shampoo while you stand at the hair products aisle in the convenient store deciding what to pick. That’s some really good personal branding and marketing right there.

I’ve been struggling with my hair. Natural hair can be such a challenge, especially when you feel like you barely have time to cater to it. It needs to be catered to and it will totally show if you don’t. Ask me? You can be mistaken for being malnourished, because the hair will look so dry, scruffy, faded and weak.

I’ve gotten to that point where it’s always in a protective style, because it’s easier to manage it that way. It doesn’t hinder my sleep time in the morning, or trying to figure how to be creative in styling it for the day, every day. So when I saw her just ruffle her hair, goodness! Confusion! I was for a moment there convinced that I can do all those things she had recommended. Cleanse, then condition, re-hydrate, lock, and strengthen. With so many products still gathering dust in my cabinet and bathroom waiting for when they will be used or even to figure out what works on my hair and what doesn’t. And that’s when I asked myself, do I really need them? And reality checks in. Otherwise, I’d have made my purchase even later.

I go through this process with every other thing I purchase. I am a little of both, though strongly leaning on the side where I take my time to contemplate whether I want to spend my money on a particular thing and whether it makes money sense to me. I am naturally a bit frugal, but then for items that I can justify a need for, I can easily close my eyes and splurge on them. And I will feel good about it, with no guilt of “oh I could have done something better with the money.”

…way to kill the blues.

Trying to make it a habit even with the small ticket items. You know, questioning the need to have them, because with small things they feel affordable and have an insignificant dent on your budget, up until you do the cumulative figure and you’re left like, “what?” For me I’m very easily influenced with the small ticket items, but most of them end up being unused and I feel guilty about the purchase sooner rather than later. Hence why I have started asking myself, do I really need it?” If it’s a no, then no purchase. If it’s a yes, it doesn’t stop there, I need to figure how and how and when I’ll use it. If there’s no definite answer and if I have something that works as an alternative, then no purchase.

So, what influences your spending? And how do you determine whether you need something or not?

Stay Inspired,