Do You Cook Every Day?

One question I’m constantly asked is, “Do you cook every day?” Frankly, I don’t. But one day I might start to, I admire people who do. For now, I endeavor to cook enough food to last us at least 2 days – to give me at the very least a 1 day break. For some reason, I find leftovers tasting much sweeter than freshly cooked food. The flavors are richer, and the spices are fully-absorbed into the food. That could just be me looking for an excuse, but doesn’t it? Then again, I could eat the same food all day, every day, as long as it doesn’t require me to go into the kitchen when I’m feeling beat.

You know when you’re feeling drained off all your energy, say after a long day at work or after running your day long errands, then you remember that dinner has to be cooked, because you don’t want to starve your person, because really it’s never about you. If it were, you would bow down to your exhaustion and settle for some simpler bland meals, like cereal (shout out to Weetabix), scrambled eggs & ugali, or just take out. I used to, and when he’s not around, I still would. I have those days in as much as I love cooking.

Another struggle besides the cooking one, is thinking of what you’re going to cook and if you have the ingredients in your pantry or fridge or you have to go and purchase them. I have told myself one too many times that I should create a timetable so that I can be more organized and prepared, but I convince myself that we’re still just the two of us, so it’s never that serious. Perhaps when the team grows, I can get a little more serious and adjust accordingly.

At the moment, the arrangement allows me to exercise some spontaneity in my choice of meals.  Normally, I would think of what we’re going to eat for dinner while on the go and it’s mostly influenced by what either of us is craving – well, mostly me OR what food my colleagues carried for lunch or talked about out that day, because they’re the most passionate foodies I know. They eat, live and breathe food. They make me doubt my love for cooking and ability to cook, because they cook such bomb meals too. Ever seen that meme for what your friends ask you when you’ve been invited to an event or a party? “Will there be food?” They are the classic examples of those friends. When we’re organizing any event or rendezvous, food comes first. It’s laughable.

While I’m trying to include my person in the decision making process of what we’ll have for dinner, our conversation goes something like this,

     Me: So, what do you feel like eating today?

     Him: Nothing in particular, I’m not fussy.

     Me: Ummm, so what do you feel like eating?

     Him: You, what do you feel like eating?

     Me: But I just asked you that.

     Him: … (Blank stare)

In short, I don’t get an answer. So, I still have to think of exciting things to cook. Considering he’s a super chef, of course I can’t dare do bland – even if he says he’s not fussy. This is synonymous to when you ask a woman what’s wrong, because it’s showing, and she tells you she’s fine, she definitely isn’t. I wouldn’t want him looking at his plate and feel like eating the meal is a corporal punishment.

This post was inspired by my Sunday dinner. It was one of the days I was feeling the weight of the week and the weekend on my shoulders and I would definitely have preferred to just chill out, do nothing and call it a day. But my person had come home from a work event and he was tired – and that conversation (above) took place, then I thought why not pick a few things up and just surprise him with a delicious dinner.

It’s moments like this that I say that I mostly cook from the heart, and not from my mind – because my mind was telling me, “you’re so beat, just whip up a quick somethin’ somethin’” but my heart was telling me, “just make that yummy food.”

Tasty Delights, KawiSnippets

That called for some Potato Salad, Pan-Fried Beef and Stir-Fried Mushroom & Broccoli.

Potato Salad

  • Butter
  • Boiled Diced Potatoes
  • Chopped Onion (1)
  • Mayonnaise

Pan-Fried Beef Steak

  • Butter
  • Thin Sliced Beef Steak
  • Sliced Courgette (1)

Stir-Fried Mushroom & Broccoli

  • Coconut Oil
  • Chopped Onion (1)
  • Chopped Tomatoes (2)
  • Blanched Broccoli
  • Mushrooms

Tasty Delights, KawiSnippets

Serve hot and with a big smile for an impact 😉

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

  • Just had lunch, but that last pic has me feeling hungry again
    I totally feel you on that cooking everyday gets overwhelming sometimes.
    Those food/nutrition experts should now come out and explain how leftover food tastes waay better than fresh food.

    • Hi Grace, it really does get overwhelming. But true, someone should give a scientific explanations, but I believe it’s because the flavors have been absorbed properly.

  • Suzie

    Hello Kawi. Wow! Salivating is on high now. I do not cook everyday but I bet you have give me enough nudge to try and cook as often as I can. Great post.

    I certainly trust you have been well. I never miss any of your posts and recently, I have been waiting like forever for one since you put this up. Please give us something Kawi. Thanks.

    • Hello Suzie, thank you for passing by. Lol, it’s a struggle especially after a long day but cooking it’s quite fulfilling, especially when it’s yummy.

      Thank you for the nudge, time has been so elusive so I had put blogging aside, but now I am back 🙂 just published a little something.

  • Ndetch

    Now I understand what goes through my wifes mind when it comes to cooking..

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