Do You Wake Up with the Intention to Have Your Best Damn Day?

An Endless List of Things I do to Feel like I’m Living my Best Life Each Day.

Every day when I wake up in the morning, I say a quick thank you for managing to wake up and for having a good night’s sleep somewhere in between my last ‘5 minute’ snoozes. It’s one habit I’ve been saying I’ll drop every night before I go to bed, then the narrative changes when the alarm sets off. Especially with this cold weather, I just want to stay under the covers and keep warm. I even start making mental calculations about how I’ll spend the least time showering and dressing up. Then I convince myself that when I get home later in the evening I’ll get into bed right away. Waking up in the morning is such an extreme sport.

But as soon do and get off my bed, I aspire to have the best damn day. In as much as my days are filled with such mundane activities like waking up, going to work, having lunch, going home, maybe meeting up with a friend. Let’s be honest, there’s usually nothing to write home about. There’s a time I used to think that when you say you’ve had the best day, it means that you are doing extraordinary things like you’re going for an exotic vacation, fine dining, attending a glamorous event, getting an expensive gift or buying some fancy things, going for a party. You get the drift.

Then I realized that for me to get to do these things that I thought would make my day would then take forever. That means that my best days will be a few days in the year, because how many days are you going to be on vacation or be out there buying fancy things and eating exotic meals? Definitely not every day, and it could extend to ‘not in a long time’, now that money doesn’t grow on trees. And even if it did, look at us, we barely have enough trees.

We’ve attached happiness to money and things that money can buy. I am not saying they don’t bring us joy; they sure do, because comfort is bliss. Maybe I just need some extra money to continue testing this theory. But I decided that every day I can find joy in the mundane or at least make my mundane enjoyable, so much so it’s the best damn day ever. Here’s a list of some of things I do on  a daily basis that make me feel like I’m living my best life each day.

  • I crack dry jokes – but most times the joke is usually on me (I’ve literally rolled my eyes here) because my friends laugh at my expense.
  • I laugh till I have an ache right at the back of my ears (my equivalent of rib aches).
  • I love without holding back.
  • I genuinely care about people and about things around me and now I am not embarrassed to do so.
  • I give a listening ear and share (talk) a lot in the same breath.
  • I enjoy my sleep-  esp short naps
  • I enjoy doing shopping and buying regular things, but also identify small things that are within my budget that I can try out.
  • I enjoy being cooked for, eating good food and washing the dishes.
  • I enjoy watching a nice film and dozing off midway because I was too comfortable.
  • I enjoy cuddles and snuggles and so much more.
  • I enjoy taking walks or even going for a drive.
  • I enjoy reading a good book with an intense storyline that transports me to the scenes.
  • I enjoy expressing myself, whether in writing or in conversation.
  • I enjoy listening to some good music and singing along to it, sometimes even screaming my lungs out.
  • I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family.

It;s these small things that I can do each day that makes me have a lot to be thankful for.

This juice we got from Carrefour the other day is the yummiest! Makes me want to ditch my Ribena, but eek! It’s double the price. Then I was given the corkcicle as part of the welcome pack at my new workplace. Guys! I wanted to cry. And that bag,I  got two of the same kind at the farmer’s market (first time visit) and gifted my friend one.
Every day might not be the best day in your books, but the fact that you intended for it to be your best day, might just shake things up. Be intentional. Click To Tweet

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