Don’t Like Any More?

Ever notice that as we grow, our preferences keep changing based on our experiences, exposures, nature, feelings and so on. Why I even thought this, is because of the number of times I say, “I don’t like this any more” and someone thinks, I thought this used to be your best.

With time you get exposed and you start discovering new things and somehow you start adapting to the stuff around you, more like the worlds way of nurturing you. While at the same time you’re growing, becoming more energetic *go getter* and amidst this connection you are transformed into something amazing and that’s the person you are today and the person you will be tomorrow. This process never stops, it’s a cycle! Much like an insect emerging from a cocoon after its metamorphosis into a mature adult.

"When you are through changing, you are through ~ Bruce Barton"

I’m the kind of person who can like something so much and then at some point it just fades off. I can bet I’m not alone on this or so I hope. Ever looked at your pics when you were younger and you think, I need to hide this pics because if my friends get a hold of them they will totally have a reason to laugh their a**es off or better yet, have you ever seen a letter or note or comment you had written when you were younger and you feel so dumb, or be remember the guy you first dated and you’re like what the hell were you thinking.

Things like fashion sense, taste in music, the people you hang out with, relationships you have, conversions you take part in, the principles you hold, the food you eat, views and opinions on certain things. If you were at a certain point asked if you’ll get over something, you would probably deny it vehemently because at that particular time you are at your best with it and you probably love it. Then later on, after all coming along all these external and internal factors you slowly transition in order to keep up with them. This can happen subconsciously or consciously.

Whichever way it happens, I tend to think that the people around you should also be able to adopt your changes, where as they see you transform, they should mold themselves around the person you’re becoming. They should try to understand you, encourage you if its positive change and if its negative change they guide and help you know what’s up and what’s wrong with what you’re becoming.

And that’s probably the reason why many are the times in life we find ourselves slowly drifting apart from the people we used to be close to because they can’t accommodate us but the ones who do, stick for a lifetime.


“Growth is the only evidence of life”  ~ John Henry Newman

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*