Doodling *Not So Easy*

I felt less grown up when my baby sister called me to tell me that she’s going to school and I ask her, “but I thought teachers are on strike (if you watched news yesterday evening, that’s my defense)” and she responds, “It’s the teachers on strike not the students”… haha O_O, I can either bet my parents were sitted next to her or my folks had definitely given her that response when she asked or said what I had exactly asked her. I will go with the latter because, I can bet she hadn’t come up with that response.

Anyhow, I was just wondering, do you remember a time when you would draw something like this (image below) and you would think you’ve made such an achievement, because everyone around you is so pleased, amazed and it would end up being filed and you would get high marks just for doodling the stuff that’s in your head.

How cool is that! I mean some of us okay me, when talents were being distributed, I think they forgot to hand me the artsy one. Drawing is not my forte. So you can imagine how doodling was such a sport for me. Stick figures and funny abstract shapes, it was never that serious. The best part of it is that you put down what was in your head and didn’t care what the other person would think about your thoughts and drawings, if anything, you would be as real as ever and be proud to show it and even explain it in detail. Even if it looks bad, you’re just proud of your efforts and everyone else is as well. And they would help you out, teach you more and instead of telling you it looks bad, you’ll be told, “you can do better”, or “try again”, and you’ll be over the roof.

I actually took myself down memory lane for a moment there! That was awesome, until growing up happened and you now have to question everything you do, think twice about it. If you were told to draw a doodle right now, how would you draw it? It’s just a doodle after all, nothing serious or yet again maybe it actually is, but would you feel comfortable displaying your feelings in stick structures and the shapeless images with no sense of uniform? I bet  you would omit so much and try to make it all perfect. Make it look the best possible, because we care so much what other people will think of us, what their comments will be, how they will take whatever you show … so chances are that you can’t put it down as it is.

Synonymous to your real self, we are always lost translation, trying to make who we are seem perfect, with no flaws, that we lose it in our representation such that we become something we aren’t. Looks as we grow older, we get so refined, that to find some real-ness in ourselves we really have to dig deep. To be honest if I was told to draw a doodle today, I would get so confused and I would think, “maen! that’s so hard”. Yet, all I have to do is just draw something abstract that doesn’t really have to make sense, but because you want to be understood and look like I have it all together, that can turn out to be the most difficult task ever.

I think doodling is actually a form of hidden creativity. The fact that you can collect your abstract thoughts and not shy off to let them out regardless of what others may think. That’s just awesome…looks like awesome has become my new word of late.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*