Easter Weekend Musings

No, I’m not calling it Thriday anymore because it’s just not Friday, it’s just almost like. Yeah, I’ll just be that kid throwing tantrums. I have had a bad day, such a bad day that at some point I felt like pulling out my hair, gorging out my eyes, poking myself with a pencil…hahaha okay, who am I kidding? I love myself too much to do any of that. But really, it felt so tough especially psychologically. Work + School = A bish, you feel this when you have loads of work (at work) and then a load of projects, cats, assignments and a massive group presentation (in school) that is more than half your course marks. Point here is *GROUP*, is worse than individual work, it amounts to team work, expectation, pressures. Oh my my day!

Look at me, I’m still surviving! Back to normal and I have every reason to smile, well because the presentation went well and stress levels have zero’ed down to almost zero (I know that doesn’t make sense to you, it also doesn’t make sense to me too…lol).

Random Thoughts

Humble beginnings are the best beginnings, don’t despise them. I tend to think they are the most fulfilling, so don’t be scared of starting small. That’s why you start with baby class, 1 follower, 1 reader, 1 fan, 1 year, 1 month, few shillings, small house, just friends … then you or whatever it is just grows. It’s just like a seed, it starts off as just as 1 seed and the next thing you know there are so many things sprouting, and then I just thought “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Surely, I need help…hahaha.

This Weekend

Family and friends are in the itinerary.

I’m Craving

Thinking steers chicken or those pork chops for Spurs right now *salivates*

Either or BOTH will do ... hehe, speaking of which maybe I should do lunch with one of my readers some day. Who's up for this?

Song of the day

This is what has kept me going through the day. Did I mention I replay songs especially if it suits my mood. Today, I was dying to be happy, to be my smiley self and this song, the up beats and all are what keep me alive inside. There was a bit like a ray of happiness.

I want and pray

I know there’s many paths that have been aligned for us and we’re supposed to choose one. I just hope I’m on the right one or if not, at least en-route to it not too far off. Yeah, parables…lol

Quote of the day

Happy Easter my people. And as usual for every weekend *cheers to it and drink to that* to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*