Fashion Statement.

I just wonder the struggle we go through on a normal day to make a fashion statement. I have been trying to look at people this whole week in the morning as I walk to work, and in the evening as am going back home, plus on the weekend.

I mean people can really push it to be fashionable…hehe sometimes I just want to laugh loudly but most of the time it’s early morning and am walking alone, or I feel like turning and seeing what that person has worn a 2nd time.

Make Up : – Very tricky, you’ve got to do it well and avoid too much of it.

Foundation: – some girl has make up that has covered up her whole face, and you look and feel like your looking at some ghost *no pun intended*, i mean, little make up looks good

Eye Pencil, Mascara, Contact Lenses : – but when you shave your eyebrows and draw a line instead…hehe it looks surprisingly hilarious on you. Or if you put so much mascara and contacts that make me feel like am looking at a scary cat  in pitch darkness…

Funny Clothing Trends :- It’s those style i’m seeing trending, what every other peron is wearing or has one or two of them in their closet, plus just those random things that look wrong, or look too good.

Stocking / Panty hose: – there’s a way you wear them and they look very good and there’s a way you wear them and you look like *for lack of better words* a slut.  You get what am saying. I havn’t yet figured how to dress mine, so they are still folded somewhere, if there’s one person who has mastered the art of wearing them and looking fabulous, it’s @putty_catt but that’s her style and one persons style doesn’t necessarily look good on another person so I can’t copy..hehe

Short Skirts :- Why one would wear a short skirt and keep pulling it down still doesn’t make sense? i mean, you wore it to flaunt your legs so just flaunt them. Or a very tight skirt that keeps being pulled up by the hips..hehe fitting would look quite good i thought. #justsaying

Sagged Jeans – Yuck! I think it just looks bad. That’s all I can say. Is there a thing with guys showing half their butt when bending? I mean it just looks not nice.

Well Fitting Jeans :- always look good, it’s one of those things that never let you down. provided you dress your body size well.

Coloured clothes mixture : – Now this looks hot, i have a thing for this multi colors on people, provided the colors go, not that you wear some fishy colors, they have to somehow blend. There’s a way you can do it and look like a clown. Kanye is the father of this style…or so i think, I just find him mixing all the weird colors and looking good. like Green and Purple, oh yah he’s girlfriend Amber too..looks like some maad influence going on.

Skinny Jeans :- Whoever invented them, THANK YOU. just dress them well and your good to go. Thing is make sure it just suits your body shape #ThatsAll, it doesnt matter, you can wear with flats or with heels…makes dressing so easy.

High Waist Bottoms :- I think this strictly looks good in people that don’t have bulging sides. otherwise it spoils it. Also it’s fit for ladies ONLY. I mean it just looks Yuck on men. Ever seen a guy with the high waist trousers, it just looks utterly disgusting and wrong #mythought

Tights and Long tops:- seen quite hilarious ones, but seen others that just look hoot, and seems am following the trend once in a while, makes you feel free #For all intents and purposes … hehe

Shoes:- Flats are the best shoes ever invented, atleast I can walk a distance and not feel like I have walked double.Comfortable shoes are the very inportant bit.

Now this is the part I laugh my self off in the morning as I walk to the stage. Partly because a lady has worn high heels that she can barely walk in. I mean you see like she’s off balance, like the next thing she’s gonna trip or something. But some people can actually hack the 6 inch and walk a mile. #amproud because i can’t maybe for a minute.

Flaked tip of the heel :- now that looks ugly! it looks like an umbrella as my friends would put it. I mean , why dress up so well then wear flaked heels, you would rather even wear slippers ok am pushing it

Plastic perforated shoes :- this is my best part, people hate (dudes) on those shoes, but they are my favorite…wash and wear, they don’t get worn off because they’ve been rained on, they are not a task to clean and lastly but not least they are easy to dress 🙂

I just love this shoes, very economical...the all kind of weather..hehe

Shades :- This is another trend am loving, but i mean there’s a time to wear shades. Lesson101 – When the sun is up and shining and that’s why they would be called shades. The new thing, Shutter shades, woohoo I own a pair, thanks to my twin. I can’t walk with them to town on a random normal day , it just makes you look like a not so serious person fashionista joker, but it’s perfect fit for ocassions like  a party, baberque.

This ones can be worn during the day, I really want :-/ where can i get?, i don’t mind them as a gift …hehe

Hair :- As much as India Arie says, you are not your hair, I think you really are. I mean it’s waht someone sees before they see who you really are. So taking care of your hair is important, it’s one of those things where it can spoil your whole look. Good clothes, bad hair, I will notice the bad hair first and probably I won’t even see the good clothes #YouGet

So am digging this mini-afro look, and if theres someone whose bagged the look, it’s @Sheila97 , it goes with her face, it’s clean and well kept #TooFresh. The hair is something like the pic below, but I like sheila’s better because its somewhat shorter.

ps: This is a random picture from google

Mohawk:- Now this is a trend am not understanding, because the ones i have seen are SCARY. like a #MassiveFail . Where some puts weaves in the middle I just don’t get to make the mohawk more evident. but not noticing that it looks misplaced. I mean, their hair stylist should intervene #justsaying

ps: No pun intended but ai!!

Weaves: – There are nice weaves I  must say, seen a couple of good ones on my friends, it makes them look really nice. But catch me dead having one, unless things are thick-est. My problem now is the ones that look hideous, like you are habouring some pests inside or they make you look like some alien on planet earth. For example: Blonde on Black looks very hideous.

ps: Random pic from google

Normal hair styled well :- Could be natural or permed. Don’t know how at this day and age someone survives with normal because it’s hard to maintain, unless you are on an afro or something, but some people manage.

Braided Hair:- Looks really nice with all the styles people have, though others go over-board. While others overstay with them until you have braided hair but it looks like you shaved it and combed it, because of the strands of hair popping out.

Nails :- hehe I alwas go for well trimmed nails that are clen, neat and easy to handle. Well it could be because I love eating, so the shorter the nails, the better.

Okay I have seen some long nails that look like claws… that’s freaky, it always gets me wondering how they do stuff like wash, greet people, eat (assuming you are not doing the fork and knife)

Trousers and socks :- Men should wear trousers that fit well you know what i mean and socks that don’t scream “Look at me!”

Don’t touch my ankle and white socks :- were only meant for Michael Jackson during he’s performances #Only otherwise well cut trousers fitting your height, width and breadth perfectly should be the ones worn.

Bras and panties :- Fitting bra’s, that’s just it. Hidden Panty.

Hate it when a girl bends and you can see a red pant peeping and at that time she’s in a black trouser. It just looks bad. Or one who bends and the butt crack is on your face #YUCK!

I have no qualms with bras, i hate them but have to wear them, but oh yeah, don’t wear a transparent blouse with a white bra because we see everything. Black bra always do the trick. but colored looks hot 🙂

Okay that’s enough already.

Fashion Quotes, that left me Gaga’d #ilike


I'm WOW'ed!!

Have a very blessed Thursday. #ThankfulThursday, for the beauty you have, all thanks to God.

Signing off — *Kawi*