Feel Good Friday

Thank God It’s Friday *EXCITOZ*. Today my eyes just popped open at 6:30am and I jumped out of bed … considering that I slept late, that’s a very rare occurrence. No alarm to annoy me, it’s like my body clock has started getting used to this waking up early. I hope that this is no false alarm, it happens once then fails me entirely, I need it to be a routine already.

Random thought

Sometimes we dare to dream, but when our dreams become a reality it kind of freaks us out and it’s like everything is too much to handle. Aren’t we humans just amazing! Dream it and when it comes along grab it and live it … that’s how it should be.

I’m feeling

This weekend

I’m finally going to the BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) meet up! It always passes me, but this time even it means a technical appearance. Then for the rest of it, relaxing is what is on the agenda … so whatever relaxing entails, that’s it!

I’m craving

Songs of the week

Pitbull – Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer —-> This song always makes me want to get off my seat and boogie *Old word I know…nowadays I’m going all retro :p*

I want and pray

I want to be able to concentrate on the things that are relevant and stop worrying about things that don’t I don’t need to be worrying about. Maybe, just maybe, combined energy on the relevant stuff could bear good fruits.

I pray for our Country. Our leaders need God’s intervention. We can join hands as a nation and decide to help those in need but if the people we follow don’t take the right course, make the right decisions and so on … then our efforts are as good as wasted. So I pray for God to bless them with wisdom, honesty, patience, love, kindness, goodness and much more of this positive vibes.


“If you think it’s worth it, then just do it” … Sometimes we take so much time thinking about something we should do, that when it’s time to do it, it’s time has passed!  (I know this sounds * insert appropriate word* depending on how you read it, but I know you get me in the right way…lol) had to disclaim it.

So …

Have an amazing weekend, be good, keep safe and God bless you much!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*