Freakin’ Frozen Friday

Thank God It’s Friday but I really don’t feel it. The weather outside spells GLOOMY,  I really miss the sun. This weather is totally not for me, even if I was okay now I feel like I’ll just go under the weather soon, sensing a ka-cough already *sigh* . As I try to psyche myself up with good music … and as usual 🙂 it works wonders.

LOL ... Like seriously ... True story!


Random thought

Some habits should just never die, especially if they make you happy, cheap thrills to be exact. Dipping your cookies in milk, licking yogurt  tabs, eating with your hands, making funny concoctions that get other people wondering how creepy you are.

I’m feeling

Cold … as in frozen shivering cold and as a result my bubbles are all getting popped by the time they are released by my bubbly body. It’s August for pits sake, what happened to the sun? *Points to the image below* Africa and to be specific Kenya, should be warm if not hot in August, what’s with the shift all over sudden, at least nature should take us a bit slowly… if you know what I mean.

This weekend

I wish I could split myself … I want to be in many places at the same time. What to do?

I’m craving

I don’t know if this is a crave or just a desire … I would love to see this view in real life. It just looks so calming and amazingly beautiful.

Songs of the week

It’s definitely got to be ‘Each Tear – Mary J Blige ft Jah Cure’ … AMAZING, you’ve got to listen to it if you haven’t!

I want and pray

I want it to be warm once again and I am actually praying about it … sufferations I tell you.

Maybe it’s about time I stopped running. I always run away when I see things are going funny or weird. Yet again I also need a reason why I shouldn’t run. As usual I am not explaining this statement any further, so it’s a prayer :p … I know you’re thinking ‘what the hell’? He he that was the intention.


Have an amazing weekend, be good, keep warm and safe. God bless you much!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*