Friday Fives

Thank God It’s Friday! This one has been full of CAT’s and all things serious, okay maybe not so serious, just a teeny weeny serious. Thing is I have not been in the reading mood, sometimes I get the conviction. Well in, it’s the first Friday of November. Good lawd, next month is December as in the end of the year…no, end of 2012. Did we even ever think we’ll reach here in 2000 (any one remember that 2000 bug). There was even a movie on how the world is coming to an end…lol.

Friday, Fives, TGIF


1. Oopsies!

Do you ever feel like sometimes you’re just more human than other times. By human, I mean so easily lured into doing the easy/pleasant things in life and side-lining what *serious thing* you were supposed to be doing. Like when the alarm clock rings and without hesitation you don’t even snooze, you just click on STOP and continue sleeping. Or when you eat cereals for dinner because you’re too lazy to cook. Or stare at your dirty house and laundry and you just say *f&%$ it* I’ll deal with that later? Or when you know you have books to read and you opt to watch movies, or chill out.

Friday, TGIF


Fried, I so am. I think Friday is like in a game, the day you’re operating on your lowest levels of energy. So you use them up with all the excitement and refill the tank over the weekend so that your coming week can be peasy. Although usually, we end up failing to refill the tank  so the week seems like another hard battle and you on the losing end because you don’t have energies to knock out the infiltrators or face the challenges ahead of you.

2. Weekly Crackers

I went home to visit the folks during the week and boy hadn’t they missed me. Hahaha this is me getting ahead of myself. But really, I think folks enjoy creating rules and regulations in the house and if they could do policies even better. I had kind of missed them bossing me around especially at dinner time. How I shouldn’t drink juice before eating because I won’t finish the meal or threats when you don’t wake up in the morning. I love them to bits and pieces though, I am because of them. So what you see, is what they’ve brought up.

family, mum, dad, sister


Just when I thought the digital era had taken over the world. I am told that my beloved baby sister (Clara) needs to be sent for a success card via *wait for it* post. Yes, I went bought a card and took it to the post office, stamped it and it was ready for sending. Can you imagine nowadays stamps are like KES 40. Those things used to be KES 5, 10 and 20 at most. In other related news, she’s finishing her O-levels — Whoop whoop hooray! This kids for grow up so fast, it was just the other day she was in primary school, now she almost knows more than I do and taller than I am but I am big sister always…she remains the baby regardless.

3. Faves and Craves

Skyfall 007, I even did a post about it. This one has got to be done over the weekend. I did the booking, now it’s just me and the boyfriend to show up *excitoz*

Shake and cake, I was serious when I told you to grab someone and take them for some. That’s my current crave. I keeps visualizing some Java strawshake and a huge slice of the divine chocolate fudge cake.

4. Stupendous Snippet

Yeah, there’s nothing new under the sun. Google it and it will most likely appear, so you can only be so original. The best you can do is be authentic. No one else can do it like you do. Sure it feels amazing when you think of it from that perspective. I feel more at ease when I think of it that way. So as you go on about your business, put a touch of you. That’s what will make it different from the rest.

FYI: God uses the weakest, the meek, the broken-hearted and brings the best out of them in order to show his glory. So don’t be afraid if you think that; you’re not good at something/ you’re not noticed/ things are not really going your way/you just don’t believe in yourself / you feel like no one believes in you. Put your heart and mind into whatever it is you love and enjoy and let God do his work. You’ll be surprise at the results.

After all is said and done, let’s not forget to always give God the glory. Hey, let me be real. I am human, sometimes good things happen to me and I think, I’m so bright, or am so lucky or am such a super star and forget to tell him thanks. Then when I remember, I say thanks then. But he should be my first, he’s the one I should rush to to say thanks before anything or anyone else.

5. T.G.I.F Inspiration


Honestly am not having the most psyche filled Friday, but I hope things turn around as the day closes. I’m the kind that generated energy from within so don’t be surprised if you see me up and a lil’ groovy. I intend for it to be a super weekend, I bet ya’ll do. That’s the spirit right there lovely peoples. To living, laughing and loving more no?, of course yes!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*