Friday Fragments

It’s Friday … Like finally *Thank God Its Friday*! Funny how it’s been one of the “shortest weeks” but it looked like it was extended without our knowledge. It’s been coupled by mad traffic, fuel shortage, heavy rains, slow internet, KPLC going gaga with their switches, Nairobi water deciding that water is not a necessity. However, thank God for hilarious workmates, TV and good food *top chef being me* that have made the week *with the look of things* look much flowerier (for lack of a better “word”) than it would’ve been.

I’m feeling

Cheekily smirky and bubbly inside! Just want to blow it away and spread some love love!

This weekend

Birthday Party, Mother’s Day, TV, read and also try understand my dads new gadget. Which I am supposed to explain and show him how it works later after rocking it for a while :-p Folks and technology are like repelling poles, but we need to force them together…hehe

I’m craving

Being in the middle of a meadow … yes a meadow! If translated, that would mean, I just want to have a free mind. It’s taken me long enough to figure that not everyone deserves your attention and it’s about that time I got into that program.

Songs of the week

Yes! I’ve trying to get that shuffle right, and it’s prompted me to start “exercising” —> LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock.

And my all time PARTY song —>Jaguar – Kigeugeu … this song can get me from a low state into a high state instantly *Solid to Gas*

I want and pray

A peace of mind and A LOT … I mean … A LOT of wisdom! I think I’ve had enough time to joke around … lol. But I also want to thank God for the far he has brought me.

Highlight of the week

My dad got a new gadget and as he would always do, he gave it to me to set it up … I hope he feels philanthropic and just hands it down 🙂 but Jeez! It’s so complicated already. What’s with the technical guys coming up with overly complicated gadgets #blackberry9530? If only they could make life way easier like Nokia does…hehe I love Nokia phones #E63 #teamNokia

@teamBritish has managed to raise enough money … YAAAY! I’m happy for @Ngendo and her family. I pray for her mum to now get fully well. Then I can now openly say I love social media … People you don’t even know can be there for you in ways you never imagined and this one here, is just but one of them.

Lesson Learnt this week

That sometimes we run away from the people who truly love us and chase people who care the least about us. Why are we humans like that?

That should be my next post, just gotten an epiphany! And I’m so over that … I realise someone doesn’t care so much about me, I will run! For those who care about me, I’m sticking like super glue and I will always be consistent in your lives *wink*.


Funtastic Weekend to ya’ll … God Bless!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*