Friday Musings

Thank God It’s Friday! Even the day looks bright *does a jig* … The way I’ve anticipated the end of the week, maybe this month just needs to end, 5 weeks was a bit long … then August can drag a bit because I have so much that I need to finish up before it ends.

Highlights of the month

Happy End Month! Do I hear coffee and dinner dates *wink* now that guys are balling? I need to now look for all those people who made me empty promises yes you … coming to claim it! In case I’ve promised you, you can revenge too :p

Finally applied for Masters and I start soon. Then, I have concluded to myself that I have a voice for radio my ego speaks, now that I have talked on the radio twice … isn’t that an achievement? who thought I would do that, but coming to think of it, that would be the third time. However, I have not even listened to myself, maybe I was there well rep’ing my Meru mates *read Meru accent*…ha ha!

Random thought

People dying from hunger is not a new thing, it’s been there day in day out especially in the Northern part of our country, we keep raising funds and providing relief food … and by the way I gladly contribute and will always do. But really, what’s with the short-term solutions, I thought our country is made up of brilliant people who talk big everyday, have great ideas, run big firms, strike big deals … then why is it so hard to come up with long-term solutions.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former ~ Albert Einstein –> now we can see where he was coming from when he said this … lol

Other countries have and it’s sad how a country in the desert can be the one donating or exporting food to a country in the tropics. There are people definitely sleeping or munching on their jobs … where are all the strategists, logesticians *sp*, engineers, agriculturalists, MP’s … *continues thinking …*

I’m feeling

This weekend

Mmmmhhhh! It’s end of the month and I see parties … so I’m in it 🙂 . Been invited for a birthday party (Happy Birthday @Jaxon09) that’s a good start. He he you can convince yourself with the “age ain’t nothing but a number” line … lol, but it’s nice to have a much older friend … that’s wisdom right there!

Happy pre-birthday to @mgitonga17 … still structuring a message for you.

I’m craving

This is just because I’m hungry, but what I would do to have the steers lunch box right about now, but I’m stuck to the food for the downstairs restaurant … they’ve become so *places finger in mouth*.

Songs of the week


and I like Adele’s – Chasing Pavements too!

I want and pray

I just want to say how grateful I am to have my parents … they never cease to amaze me. They can get to my nerves sometimes especially when they are asking a million and one questions about the different aspects of my life, but I don’t know what I would do without them.

I thank God for our parents, to bless them BIG and give them all the love, strength and riches in the world ok that’s pushing it because we (the kids) are sure going to need lots of that from them. They are like the taps with water and we are the super thirsty ones.


Lovely Weekend, Lovely Peoples! God Bless … xoxo!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*