Friday Musings

Thank God It’s Friday! That feeling you have when you wake up and find out it’s a day to the weekend … Well, sadly it’s my favourite uncle’s funeral day and I have no idea what to do. Then to add salt to the wound I have an exam on Saturday … a finance paper, that’s like one of my dreaded courses. In short I won’t make it up-country, be back and still have the energy to tackle my paper *sigh*. Hey, that’s me, but I’ll still rock a smile anyway, it looks good on me 🙂 and I bet it does on you too. Your weekend will probably be better than mine … so smile on ↓

Random thoughts

I was toying around the idea of moving to a bigger house and getting a house-mate, I swear living alone is L-O-N-E-L-Y. I love chit chatting and my TV/laptop/iPod/food ain’t talking back to me.

The cold … maen! This weather is a complete contradiction of the Kenyan weather pattern. Whatever happened to the sun, it’s been crying a bit too much lately.

I’m feeling

This weekend

Let’s just say school has eaten up a part of my life for the next few weeks and that’s what I’m thinking wherever I am. Can 17th Decmber get here already *grin*

I’m craving

Nothing really! At least nothing I can place my finger on. I knooow *yawn* … lol

Songs of the week

And Robyn was nominated for Grammy Awards with Call Your Girlfriend in the category “Best Dance Recording”. My girls and I think it would be an awesome party song. All I could imagine is pulling her dance move and screaming “call your girlfriend … blah blah blah”  because chances are that I won’t remember the lyrics.

I want and pray

For safe journey masses for my family as they go to lay my uncle to rest. That it will be a peaceful ceremony such that if he’s checking us out from up there, he’ll smile and know how much we loved him. For others who’ve lost their loved one … for comfort, strength and understanding.


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*