Friday Musings

Thank God It’s Friday! This was one of the few short weeks of the year, but funny enough it didn’t feel as short as it’s supposed to feel. It’s finally here though and I can smell holidaaaay from not so far *woop woop* ↓


Random thoughts

Of cold showers, my instant heater is messed and my landlady is taking a bit of time to fix it, so lets just say I am too lazy to warm water, or rather I love my sleep more. So I would rather sleep in for those 10 mins I will use to warm the water don’t judge, I’m just human :p Then as I was in between those movements people make while showering with cold water, I figured,

You know how you soap yourself up from the feet so that you can feel the warmth, more like sugar-coating the situation. Not knowing that the soap has to eventually get off your body and you just get your body under that shower head into that cold shower *shivers at the thought* … so is life, in as much as you sugar-coat situations, it does bite you in the ass in the end and you have to face it rather coldly, else you have to make extra efforts to make sure you’re not in that situation in the first place.

I’m feeling

Anxious and excited at the same time … the kind that gives you heebie jeebie blues, okay I got that from this song. Found them rather hilarious, they’re so 1900.

This weekend

I finish the exams that have been all over my space … lol, now I can say that. And the holiday mood checks in. And instead of saying, does a jig, I should say doing a heebie jeebie dance.

I’m Excited

I’ve figured that when I’m excited about stuff, I kind of jinx it. Looks like I should just get rid of this section. Why I even added it, was just to accommodate a particular excitement. So I hush *zips lips*

I’m craving


That is all 🙂

Songs of the week

For all the rock heads out there – “Spread your love like a fever, and don’t you ever come down”, I tried to not like the song, but now it’s just at the back of my head.

I want and pray

I want, I want, I want *drum rolls* a gift for Christmas 🙂

I pray that … okay, I don’t want to make it so obvious, so nah, I’ll just pray silently *says a silent prayer*. You know the whole thing about excitement and jinxing, it does apply here too.


The only way to have a life is to commit to it like crazy ~ Angelina Jolie


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*