Friday Musings

Thank God It’s Friday! Long week this has been, very long! From house hunting to having a flu to nursing it and still doing my daily activities. Let’s just say I’m literally thanking God it’s Friday as it welcomes a weekend worth of rest.

Random Thoughts

For whatever reasons we get attached to people, things … catch feelings, get all emo? If only we had hearts of stone. I’m not complaining by the way, I’m just wondering.

I’m Feeling

Indifferent –> In between happy and ‘oh my gosh’ can I just get settled, a bit restless per se.

This Weekend

Hmmm! Let’s see. Just up and about, nothing to write home about.

I’m Craving

If I could have an endless supply of this … nom nom nom!

Songs of the Week

Turn up the music!

I Want and Pray

For the far I have reached, I thank God. For where I’m going, I ask him to lead my path.

Quote Of The Week

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~ *Kawi*