Friday *Twice*

Thank God It’s Friday! Two “Friday’s” in a week! It couldn’t get any better than that … a much deserved break! Yesterday felt like a Sunday and today was meant to feel like a Monday. In the morning it sure did, waking up was such a bitter drug. Not any more, counting down to “After Work O’clock” *wink*

Random thoughts

Haha it’s is funny how there’s a quote, a song, a thought for every situation you’re going through. Like every single situation. The interesting bit is that, whatever you’re going through, there’s someone else who has gone through it, is going through, is going to go through it. Then there are others in much worse situations than yours.

So whatever you go through, in as much as you are tempted to ask “why me?”, it’s just not you. Maybe you could think to even ask for your fellow human mates … “why us?” hehe. That could be the sole reason they say, a problem shared, is a problem half solved (sometimes even fully solved.)

I’m feeling

Like I have no idea about what I want. Actually I have an idea … puh! Confused much. JEEZ! Let’s just say I need the Lord’s intervention or … okay no or’s, I just need that intervention like soon.

This weekend

I need to do something different. Now to look for someone to tag along with me or even better to derail me. Plus, I got a place to do salsa classes on Sunday evening’s *whoop whoop*. Went to Brew Bistro for Salsa night on Wednesday and vowed to myself that by December I should dance through a whole song. It looks so graceful, beautiful and amazing.

I’m craving

I’m thinking, salsa, salsa, salsa! I need not to step on someone … lol

Songs of the week

Jason Derulo – It —-> I’ve been looking under rocks and breaking locks, just trying to find you *nods head*, am I the only one who likes Jason’s songs (yeah, we are now on first name basis … lol)


And you could also try out “One Republic – Good Life” —> Awesome. Looks like whistling is the new thing … hehe

I want and pray

The war between Kenya and Somali Al Shaabab, I just think it also needs God’s intervention. You know one of those situations where you don’t know how to pray for. Yeah, this is one of those. May God protect our people’s.

I want to have every reason to keep my smile on because I have more than a million reasons to. No.1 being, I have a killer smile *tooooooot* :p


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*