So happy it’s Friday … a sign that the month is ending ūüôā , I don’t know why I’m so into this month ending … and no it’s not because I’m broke or that it’s my birthday next month I’m not hinting..yeah right! … I’m actually not really looking forward to it … ok, I don’t know. Majority of my birthday’s since I became a grown up or so I think have been super boring. I miss my folks buying me cake and presents *sigh*

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That being besides the point I would really love to hear how people’s new years have been so far … I wish it was like a discussion forum or something. But now considering it’s me giving all the information … here goes my musings!

So far I’ve learnt, that if something is not working … don’t force it. It doesn’t get any better, if anything you’re just making room for more hurts. It’s good to fight till the end in so many things … it¬†exudes consistency and all, but at the expense of happiness … that’s a no! no! I tend to believe that everything a human does is all geared towards being happy, but then again that’s just me. ¬†And that’s just why right now I’m not as sad as I should probably be. Some¬†decisions¬†I’ve¬†made so far this year are rushed, wrong, inconsiderate but that’s just some of them, there others I’ve made that make sense to me and me alone and I just can’t explain, so I won’t even try to.

I hate how life has a funny twist to it…but then again that’s the beauty of it and that’s why I love it … Ironical huh! Despite whatever goes on I have every reason to be happy and smile … I have a great family, some friends who love me despite whatever (I hope…Joke!), a super lovely job (which I shall write about sooner or later) with awesome colleagues who laugh at me like all the time, I can be such the blonde sometimes…I can’t get over the fact that I was told that my mind and mouth are playing Marco Polo… how now? and I laughed … I should’ve probably gotten mad or something, but that was just the funniest thing¬†I’ve¬†heard this year … it was too random and least expected, but from him, I should’ve seen it coming…lol, they all have this intellectual humor that totally reveals my¬†blondness coz some of it just goes through one ear and out through the other, and when I get it it’s a bit too late.

The funny thing with life, is that we were all born for this … sad, happy, angry,failure, success, regret, love, fear, stress … bleh bleh bleh thinking of any feeling or happening. And whatever you go through, there are like a million people or more going through the same if not worse … Somehow we work our way off it and try move on swiftly. After all no one is perfect! The problem comes in when you don’t work your way through it. Just figure how to deal with your little devils … Not that I have fully figured how to deal with mine…hehe, but at least they haven’t bogged me down and I don’t intend them to.

Besides that which I had to let out … I’ve had a roller-coaster till about now. I’m trying to retrace back my steps to that place I was at my happiest regardless of life. If only I could get it back, I swear I would clutch to it with my whole life and not let go. That’s my prayer now. ¬†I ¬†wish, I wish, I wish, I want …. I pray it happens. Don’t ask what! In case it happens … I will write a frigging whole post about it. Don’t even start thinking what it is, because thou shall not figure … unless you’re super brilliant …. or NOT!

Sometimes all you need is a second chance, because time wasn’t ready for the first one (I wish this quote is true!)

So this whole week the playlist has been having all the ‘woiye’ songs you could think of, until at some point I was thinking its the universe was talking to me … sometimes when no one is talking to you, ok me, I tend to get messages from songs…lol I can get pretty weird at times. And that’s how my view of the world came about!

Five For Fighting – Superman

Jason Derulo – What If

Chrisette Michele – I’m A Star

Bethany Joy Galeotti – Then Slowly Grows

Nickelback –¬†Figure you out

But then again, maybe I was just in a state.

The album of the week

Goes to none other than :  Avril Lavigne РThe Best Damn Thing!

I listened to all the songs … and they got me laughing … If only I was the kind of person who hears lyrics and can sing along … I can’t … all I get is the chorus then I hum along. So this album has the kind of songs that jungus dance to … hands in the air and dance like you’re¬†rhythmically¬†challenged.

Quote of the week

Life is about trusting our feelings and taking chances. Losing and finding happiness. Appreciating the memories and learning from the past.

The hardest thing in life has to be trying to figure out whether its time to quit, try harder or just let nature take its course – Got it from @mwaispride

You actually managed to reach here? … this is a musing of a lifetime … Love ya! ¬†Blessed Weekend!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*