Funky Friday

M̸o̸n̸ T̸u̸e̸s̸ W̸e̸d̸ T̸h̸u̸r̸s̸ FRIDAY *wowzer* Thank God It’s Friday yet again. The days are rocketing away, considering we are already March’ing out and heading to April.

I’m feeling

Free Spirited (is there a word like that?) … light in weight, and I can just do back flips and twirl round and round given open field preferably with a dress *trying to see how that can work practically* … hehe reminds me of when I was a kid … do it like no one’s watching.

This weekend

The usual, just chill out … nothing special taking place or better yet, I haven’t planned anything. I’ll take it head on as it comes.

I’m craving

A good swim … it’s been such a long while since I swam. Thank God swimming is like riding a bicycle, once you learn the skill you can never forget.


Highlights of the week

I did a photo shoot with pikchaGUY a while ago, very random. I had pestered him, how he’s my friend and he’s never done a mini-shoot for me. Then we organized a date at the National Park and had a blast. I love photos but I’m a bit shy and since he’s a good friend of mine, I was so eazie and comfy.  The pics are super awesome, maybe modelling should now be a side hustle *just kidding* but I think I’m too shy for such…lol. Thanks pikchaGuy for bring out “Kawi” on the pics … I was looking at them and I was thinking “that’s so me”. There are some pics you look at and you wonder who’s that? But this ones –> WYSIWYG…I love em … thanks again!

Here’s a link to the pics and his blog: pikchaGUY blog + pics

Songs of the week

Count On Me – Bruno Mars —->Describes what friendship is supposed to be … and I double cosign!

[You can count on me like 1, 2, 3 … I’ll be there and I know when I need it, I can count on you like 4, 3, 2 and you’ll be there … coz that’s what friends are supposed to do.]

Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson —-> My feel good song, and it’s also been on replay!

[My name is Kawi … I’m so Very … Fly, Oh my it’s a lil bit scary… lol]

I want and pray

So many things … gosh! Sometimes I even wonder where to start … but it all has to do with living life to the fullest … the whole package #ifyouknowwhatimean … Live, Laugh, Love and to continue growing and becoming better and better each day in everything I do. I hope God never gets tired of the number of times I call out for him…woi, some of them are so random.

Most of all inner peace and rational thinking for everyone (young and old) … because fighting back is never a way to solve anything. It’s so sad when you see people fighting in the name of wanting to be heard especially from us young’stars … and instead you end up doing more harm than there was before!


“Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?”  ~Fanny Brice

“The more you strive and search for happiness the more you overlook the possibility that it is here already.” ~Robert Holden

Funtastic Weekend to ya’ll … God Bless!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*