In defence of Bata Sandak shoes aka Plastic shoes

Sandak – Plastic Shoes

Had to come up with this post to protect the credibility of sandak shoes – plastic shoes that you have seen ladies wearing around, well, they look like Kenya Uniform and people are bad mouthing them, I agree but there are reasons.

First off to appreciate the company that came up with the brilliant idea : Bata Shoe Company which is a manufacturer and retailer of footwear : women’s shoes, men’s shoes, kids shoes

I know plastic sounds like a cheap product, but the outcome is awsome 🙂 , i mean we are even saving the environment, by recycling this non-bio-degradable substance. This is the full utilizing of available resources. (and am not being sarcastic)

I shall not even deny, am one of the lady’s who proudly wears those shoes (although I do have my limits – Check disclaimer). My reasons being:

  • They are very comfortable
  • They are easy to clean i.e wash and wear
  • They are affordable i.e think I bought them at  ksh.395
  • Don’t have to think twice when wearing them, they have a neutral color.
  • They are all-weather, you can walk with them in the rain, without thinking twice or getting frustrated, you can walk with them on the beach without thinking they’ll get spoilt (i.e leave sole in sand), you can comfortably walk with them on normal ground.
  • They only blend very well with casual wear.
  • You don’t have to worry about them making noise as you walk (ko-ko-ko #VeryIrritating).
  • They are long-lasting unless you put them in fire.
  • No worries of leaving sole behind as you walk, or the heel getting flaked. –because they are flat 🙂  and there’s no glue sticking sole to shoe.

PS: It’s not because I don’t own other many pairs of shoes (made of other, it’s because I love them. given the above reasons.

So what’s with people hating on them… they are shoes just like any other shoes, i mean. I can barely walk with heels, I own them but if I’m given a choice, I would go for plastics or other material flats any day. To wear my heels, I have to think, how much walking I will do, if the color blends with my clothes – with plastics it’s stress free.

I’m sure if the plastic shoes were from some known designer  like christian Louboutin, you would not hear the end of it, but because they are from Bata people hate.

I have seen more wierd shoes like gladiator shoes which I was calling alligator (thanks Ngina, she’s my reference to fashion from now on), I tend to think the plastic shoes are more simple and hotter, less complicated #mytake makes you look like your legs are being choked.

Gladiator Shoes

Anyhow, fashion is personal, different people look different with the same shoes, but as far as I’m concerned:

“If you think you look good in plastic shoes, rock them proudly. If you think you look bad in plastic shoes DON’T even try.”

PS: This applies to any other fashion besides plastic shoes.

But I hope those one’s REALLY  hating wear this top designs *Google Search* like – Christian Louboutin, Jeffrey Campbell, Brian Atwood, Sergio Rossi, Pour La Victoire, and Miu Miu. I mean plastic shoes are just from Bata (which is an international shoe company by the way.)

DISCLAIMER: I don’t support wearing suits with plastic shoes, neither do I support wearing a skirt with stockings then plastic shoes, that’s not allowed. just wear the heels on that day, or stick to casual ONLY!

Signing Off — *Kawi*