Ironies of Life

It beats my reasoning why someone would want to commit Suicide (i.e stop their life) or even think of it. Since when did it ever become an option??? Or a way of life?? I read it on the newspapers or in the internet and its nowadays it doesn’t sounds suprising anymore. It’s become cliché, as in I hear stories every other day about it … And normally even the story tellers don’t make it sound like a big thing.

I love life, I love living … I know people have issues or inherent problems, everyone does. Though even through observation, you can see some people have it more rough than others. Something at the back of my head tells me that … for every person created, God made them in that they can be able to handle the problems that come their way.

Am thinking of it this in two scenarios ::

Scenario 1

Why would a rich billionaire who lives in a humongous house made of marble with each room being en suite, very comfortable bathrooms, the kind that has a radio, a massage thingie, hot water bath tub with bubbles, the bedroom has big beds with silk sheets, a walk in closet having uncountable shoes and clothes of varying designs, colours and sizes (of course all fashionable), let’s go to the kitchen, they have a huge cooker an inbuilt refrigerator that has all the varieties of foods and drinks you could think of and a professional chef to make the meals (the kind that you can’t pronounce the names), an entertainment room (yes, with all forms of entertainment), then when you walk out the house on the balcony you have the most beautiful sight….maybe in the near there’s a swimming pool/fish pond, followed by an orchid then a mass of water that’s endless …. bleh bleh bleh Oh how could I forget this guy has a family, of course the wife is a housewife…no need to work or maybe she works since she has a choice, the kids go to the private schools and can get anything they want, they drive already (considering there like about say 10 cars on the driveway)…..Just imagine that, you would die to have that… oh but there’s someone who has that, then they go ahead and say they have problems that make them want to end their life, and you wonder?? What the hell went wrong!!! Whats the problem dude? Clearly we live in different worlds…

Scenario 2

Then there is this poor fella who lives in the outskirts of the leafy suburbs i.e slum where he’s small house made of say wood or mad is leaking water when it rains, he has many children of which they all have to share the one bed he has. The bed’s mattress and beddings are probably worn out. Their clothes are old, torn and unfashionable (i.e you would not look at his clothes and say “I want”). They eat their meals once or twice a day because there is scarcity of food. The children go to public schools that offer free eduction (hopefully free lunch too), they walks to school as the parents walk to work. Then you meet this guy, and he tells you he is enjoying life and he has so many ambitions and aspirations even when he knows that there’s really nothing ahead of him. He sleeps happy and wakes up to a new day full of life — This guy has tales to tell and hopes that never die.

Then comes my questions?????

Why oh why would someone in scenario 1, not be happy … guys say money brings happiness. He has everything material that he needs, his bed is SUPER Cosy but he wont get sleep, he has a drive way with 10 cars and will probably never drive any because he is stuck in the office or the driver will take him to work, he has a swimming pool that he’ll not swim in because he is just too busy. He has an entertainment room, but he won’t be entertained at all….the view he has is gorgeous beyond but chances is that through he’s eyes he doesn’t see that.

Then there’s scenario two, this poor guy passes by the posh house and thinks maaan this guy has got it, but he’s house is beautiful, I hope to get something like this one day (that time he earns less than $1 a day)…chances are that he’s even a servant in that house. He’s content with life, sees things positively. Smiles at people is full of life and he just bursts of joy and happiness and he has nothing to his name…..just but the little muddy house next to that HUMONGOUS posh house.

Anyhow, I have read so much about the people in scenario 1 in novels, in magazines, in the internet and their life always the way i have put it. It’s like their life is on a deadlock… as in what else is there to achieve…oops, scratch that, am trying to think like them, just that am not one of them(billionaire that is, I would want to be one though)… Why don’t they make use of the things they have sweated for and had sleepless nights for, instead they continue sweating for other things and continue having the sleepless nights.

I would love to be the billionaire, yes I would totally love….but to be one full of life (like that poor fella). I want to use my stuff to the maximum. Things that I have worked hard for. I want to enjoy life and every little thing that comes along with it. I want to laugh and let it come out from my stomach and not my throat (but of course there has to be something funny to make me laugh), I want to see things for what they are, if it’s a beautiful scenery, I would love to see it that way, I would want to sleep like a baby and wake up the following day smiling. I would want a great family that is grateful for those things that we have and not proud (humble that is)…

Anyhow this is my crazy thought : Why would someone who is sooo rich be out of ambitions, one of their ambitions could be to help that poor man who works for him or who lives next to him at least live in a stone/brick house, or dress in clothes that are a bit fashionable/ eat food three times a day.

Okay, as I was writing this, I hadn’t started practicing what I preach…lol, I do give to charity but only when I have been coerced by my mother to do so, but from now on, theres no need of filling the closet with clothes that I won’t wear in the next 6months may be its about time I started practicing to be “the billionaire I would love to be”

On second thought, maybe the root of their problem is the fact that they seclude themselves from the rest of the world and try create a world of their own….man is not an Island… am thinking that’s why Eve was created to accompany Adam and fill the earth with you and me(My thought) … So as rich as you are, the people in your life are the greatest asset, and without them “Happiness is a rumour”.

Funny how, I get the drift at the end of my writing. I was trying to make sense on the paragraphs above but its brought itself at the conclusion.. Thats just me 🙂

Finishing Quote : Smile, You never know who falls in love with your smile or whose day gets bright even when its raining *Hint*….lol Smiley

Signing Off — *Kawi*