It Always Adds Up.

I remember at one point I would wonder whether I have to get up and do something that doesn’t directly benefit me, or have a direct impact on what I do. And I would feel so bummed, but I would still go anyway because I hate disappointing people or cancelling on things I have committed to. You know just get up, dress up and show up. Strangely, I would end up having such a great time while at it and it would make a part of my treasured moments. Because it’s a different day, a different experience and in most cases, a couple of different people too. And then later I wonder why was I even fussing about it in the first place.

It’s never a waste of time when you have decided to participate in something that you feel that will eventually add up into making your life valuable. Regardless of what it is, whether it’s an event, a meeting, a campaign, an extra hour of work, a visit or a holiday break. Once you’ve committed yourself into it, it’s because for a split second there you felt and you knew that it would contribute something valuable into your life. So when you go for what seems like endless meetings, or events, or basically participate in something that matters to you, even if at that particular moment it seems you’re giving a lot of yourself, but you’re not getting as much back, just know that it always adds up.

Over the years, I have come to learn that every little thing you place your hands on, every little thing your heart yearns for, in most cases you will have to give a little more of yourself at first, without having any expectation. You’ll need to do work pro bono, pay to go for an event, give your time, effort and money into going for those meetings, visiting your family and friends, and so much more. So as you do it, put your heart into it and enjoy the process. Because that could be the beginning of a longer journey than you hadn’t anticipated. It could just be the push that gets you to see the light at the end of your tunnel, and when you see it, it gives you that adrenaline, that extra kick you need to get there.

This past weekend was interesting, it gave me lots of life. That’s my thing nowadays, I live for things that give me life, and by giving me life I mean those things that make me feel wholesome after I am done participating in them. Barbara, a friend from high school runs Restoration Experience. It’s a sisterhood community that recognizes and shows appreciation to women that give so much of themselves for the success of their family, their work places and their everyday lives. She does this by customizing events for these women in her community, to help their body, mind and soul feel reformed and restored.

BikenBrunch, Cycling, Reform Cycling and Strength Studio

BikenBrunch, Cycling, Reform Cycling and Strength Studio

The event was called ‘Bike n Brunch’, and she introduced us to the Reform Cycling and Strength Studio, which is located at Level 5, Western Heights, Westlands. We took some Barre class and indoor cycling class. I’d been dying to take part in a Barre class thanks to being a devoted Peaceful Dumpling fan. They have a daily newsletter, which you should subscribe to by the way. The lady who writes the PD newsletter is also a Barre trainer and she describes it with so much ease – you know, like that cool thing that you should be doing. I was hoping it would be an easier form of working out, but seems there’s no easy way out. It’s definitely one I would want to continue doing, because it feels more accommodative, with a feminine touch to it.

BikenBrunch, Cycling, Reform Cycling and Strength Studio

BikenBrunch, Cycling, Reform Cycling and Strength Studio

The cycling was fun and at the same time quite challenging, with a lot of learning to do. Let’s start with the fact that with those cycling shoes, once you step on the peddle, there’s a metallic cum magnetic bit that gets you locked in – your foot is technically stuck to the peddle, until you jerk it out; which you have to do with caution. As you cycle, you have to use some tricks with the resistance knob in order to use up energy, which is what keeps you ahead of the pack. They have a technology that reads your numbers, displays them on the screen and you compete with the other cyclists in the room. I’m sure you can tell how impressed how I was. I didn’t know they have these things in Kenya.

Go into it, Go Deep! Because it will make up part of your journey, and someday it will add up.

I hope you’re all keeping well? Keep it fresh this week. Go into it, Go deep!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*