It’s Friday *Does a Jig*

Thank God It’s Friday … I don’t know how to classify this week. Not so sure if it’s dragged or if it’s gone fast. It’s just there! I loved the last many Friday’s. This one is *I don’t know*, no plans, no sign of plans…not anticipating any offers on plans…lol, but TGIF, that’s already a good enough reason to do a JIG!

I’m feeling

Happy! Content! It’s not all easy but it’s also not that bad too. The fact that the people I love are there for me and I’m there for them, makes everything alright.

This weekend

Plan cushion! Need to get me a huge cushion for my coach #TMI and I’m derailing a friend to tag along :p , then Rugby and if I make it home early do something very constructive, that’s hopefully not movies…lol. Church on Sunday and a family get together. Yeah, that’s basically it.

I’m craving

First things first, I need to get me a good book. Any suggestion? Nowadays, I start a book and on chapter 2 I’m already bored. I love books with a story line and I hate inspirational or motivational books. Good, interesting books can be difficult to find especially if you don’t have time to go to book stores and screen them, if only someone understood my taste.

So, I crave, just staying in on a loose weekend, with a good book , curl up in my duvet, a hot cuppa chocolate or maybe cold juice (since I’m a sucker for cold stuff and the way I have allergies), a snack and just chill out and read.

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I love imagining stuff and good book takes me away, it’s like I’m there. For a moment I feel like I’m acting it. Does that even make sense?

Songs of the week

That would be David Guetta featuring Rihanna – Who’s that chick

“Too cold for you to keep her, too hot for you to leave her … who’s that chic? … tihihi!

I want and pray

For everything to work out well and for God to bless me with all that I need for it to work out. It’s a prayer so you don’t really need to understand what I’m talking about, I bet God understands :p

Anyway, do you ever have those random moments where you look at the mirror and just think to thank God for making you beautiful, handsome or even what you are today. I have many of those moments, and I really thank God for taking time to plan out my life.

Highlight of the week

Mr.Champ went back *sigh*, but heey! I will survive, had too much fun though! Now to relax … lol. There’s nothing that feel as great as having someone who you can totally be yourself around … no pretense, no trying too hard, just you and you’re sure they love you for just being you … that’s Mr. Champ for me.

Lesson Learnt this week

That I visit some blogs regularly expecting them to have posted something that is of interest to me to read. Only to get really disappointed when I get the last post that I had read ages ago is the last post showing on their blog. Then it just got me wondering, if I have readers who do that with my blog? as in they come to my blog expecting new stuff to read and zilch! hehehe

I observed that every Friday, my statistics are really high. Is it that guys are bored on Friday and they make it a point to read blogs … lol. Someone should do research on that, maybe me :p


“Life is all about timing… the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable… attainable. Have the patience, wait it out It’s all about timing.” ~ Stacey Charter

Lovely Weekend, Lovely Peoples! God Bless … xoxo!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*